This Is Why Your Kreepy Krauly Not Moving

Kreepy Krauly Troubleshooting

Despite many quality assurances, there is no problem-free cleaner in the market, even today. You might have encountered a defective cleaner before.

So if your Kreepy Krauly is not working correctly, make sure to check the operational equipment first, such as the pump filer and the chlorinator, before you proceed with the troubleshooting steps.

Why Is My Kreepy Krauly Not Moving? Check for closed main drain and suction lines if your Kreepy Krauly is not moving or pulsating. Check if there’s any debris in the filter or pump basket. Except for the ones to which the Kreepy Krauly is attached, it is usually the skimmer.

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Understand how kreepy krauly works better in this article. I will also share some of the troubleshooting steps you need to follow to keep your device working. Make the most out of your kreepy krauly with the help of this short read.

Kreepy Krauly Troubleshooting Steps

If the kreepy krauly has stopped moving or not pulsating, there are simple troubleshooting you should follow to solve the problem.

This pool cleaner is one of the most reliable when appropriately cared for, and they don’t require much attention. For the most part, the following tips can identify why it stopped moving:

Sufficient Suction

The most common reason kreepy krauly stops functioning is a lack of suction getting to the cleaner.

With the pool pump on, make sure to separate the last hose connected to the cleaner.

While holding the hose underwater, you will feel the amount of suction by your hand.

There is likely enough suction going to the cleaner if you noticed enough suction at the last hose.

If you detected some weak force, it could be the problem. If you have an in-line leaf trap, better make sure that those are empty.

The next thing to do is check the skimmer and pump basket to ensure no debris is stuck inside.

While the pool pump is on, you should check the pump strainer pot to confirm it fills with enough water, and you can see a good flow.

Clogged Kreepy Krauly

If you find out that there is enough suction going to the cleaner, the next step is to check the Kreepy Krauly itself.

Would you please make sure that the cleaner itself is not clogged with debris limiting the flapper from moving?

A small stick, a toy, or even a clothing piece can easily get trapped in the flapper, can cause it to stop moving.

Turn off the equipment and then take off the kreepy krauly from the pool and inspect small debris.

Main Drain Is Closed

If kreepy krauly stopped while on the main drain, you need to check all valves to ensure that the main drain is off; since most suction pool cleaners already vacuum the bottom of the pool, it is okay to turn the primary drain off.

If the main drain’s power is too much, it can fight off with the pool cleaner’s power. It will only get stuck together due to the suction from both ends.

Kreepy Krauly Tips And Fixes

The most common problems attached to different pool cleaners are primarily due to pressure and suction. This type of cleaner needs a lot of pull to drive around the swimming pool.

They need all the suction they can get from your system. It must also be an entirely closed system, meaning no leaks or interruptions between the pump and the cleaner’s head.

Kreepy Krauly Need Suction

When trying to figure out the primary source of the problem, you need to check your cleaner’s suction.

Ensure that you turn off the suction from your main drain that puts all the suction from the line your kreepy krauly is attached to.

Clean all the skimmer, line, hose, and cleaner itself and ensure that there isn’t any debris.

You need to backwash the filter and clean them to give you the best pressure possible. A leak is never a good thing, so make sure that there aren’t any air bubbles returning through the returns.

Last but not least, you need to provide enough pull and pressure for the cleaner to work, or else you might need a new pump.

Kreepy Krauly Needs A Clear Path

Obstruction is one of the other reasons that can influence the performance of your kreepy krauly. If the cleaner is hitting some of the pool areas, this might be due to some issues.

The hose itself might not be enough to reach the whole pool, and you need to make sure you add more sections of the hose. There is also a probability that something is blocking the path of the cleaner, and you need to determine it or change the path.

The kreepy krauly might also not be appropriately balanced. You should add weights or move the current weights.

You also need to check if you set the cleaner at an average speed; too high or too low will affect its overall performance.

The central drain plays a vital role in your cleaner’s odd performance. So, make sure to clear the path of the cleaner to be able to work correctly.


Overall, if you find that your Kreeper Krauly Pool Cleaner has stopped dead in the pool and isn’t responding at all, there is a simple reason.

Understanding your pool cleaner on how they operate will give you an idea of how to fix them.

If you can understand the common problems that can occur, you will ensure your pool cleaner is operating at its best.

If, by chance, all the tips and fixes mentioned above didn’t help, always contact your pool service professional so they can take a look.

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