Why An Elephant Pool Cover Cost So Much | Identifying A Legit Elephant Cover

Elephant Pool Cover

You will probably never need a safety pool cover that can hold animals, such as an African baby elephant. However, if you think more about it, you will benefit more from this.

Consider how secure you can feel if you have a pool cover that can do its job well.

How much does an elephant pool cover cost? An elephant pool cover is more expensive than a regular pool cover. The cost can start from $1000 up to $4000, excluding the shipping fee. I should say the price is fair since it is safer than your regular swimming pool covers.

Safety has to be on top of your priority list when buying pool covers. I will discuss why an elephant pool cover costs a lot in this post.

Elephant Pool Cover

The best elephant pool cover there is in the market today is manufactured by LOOP-LOC. Since 1978, LOOP-LOC has proudly manufactured all of its goods in the United States.

In Hauppauge, New York, they have a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing complex. Their highly trained employees commit to providing pool owners with the safest cover on the market today.

A solid vinyl pool cover is just a tarp that you place over your pool. It does not prohibit access to the swimming pool by youngsters or dogs.

All safety coverings must meet the American Society for Testing and Materials’ Standard Performance Specification (ASTM).

A safety cover according to ASTM must:

  1. Support a particular amount of weight
  2. Have no holes that a child or pet may squeeze through
  3. Drain standing water

LOOP-LOC exceeds the ASTM standards. It has sturdy materials and is attached to the deck with heavy-duty springs and brass anchors. It creates a “lock” on a pool, preventing children and pets from accessing the water.

The Difference Between A Loop-loc Mesh Cover And A Solid Pool Cover

The patented ULTRA-LOC solid safety swimming pool cover and the original LOOP-LOC are sought-after safety pool cover. They are dense mesh safety swimming pool covers, and both provide outstanding protection for your family.

Mesh covers do have one safety benefit: they prevent water from collecting. Solid coverings must be able to eliminate standing water to achieve safety cover performance standards.

The patented ULTRA-LOC solid safety cover comes in two styles:

  1. Invisible mesh panels that enable water to drain through
  2. All-solid and comes with an automatic cover pump.

ULTRA-LOC material is unique to LOOP-LOC and is composed entirely of polypropylene. Keep the pumps on at all times to keep the lid secure. In the end, though, the user’s preference for a mesh or solid cover is up to them.

Super Dense Mesh

The dense mesh from LOOP-LOC has a tighter weave. It practically hides all sunlight while still allowing rain and melting snow to drain freely.

Lots of people love using the super dense mesh elephant pool cover. There is less light and trash in their swimming pools while maintaining one-of-a-kind protection of the only pool cover.

It is proven safe and robust enough to support an elephant that will!

The other 99 percent of mesh covers on the market get blocked and need washing to drain correctly. Other times some manufacturer suggests installing an automatic cover pump. LOOP-ultra LOC’s dense mesh eliminates the need for cleaning and pumping.

Identifying A Legit Elephant Pool Cover

To begin, double-check that your contract specifies LOOP-LOC when you place your order. Then, when your cover arrives, have a look at it.

The LOOP-LOC name is stitched right into the straps of all LOOP-LOC coverings (including ULTRA-LOC). It’s not a LOOP-LOC if it doesn’t have LOOP-LOC on the cover!

Reasons To Use Elephant Pool Cover

Easier To Open And Close The Pool

When opening and closing your pool, safety covers have many advantages over alternative winter covers. These benefits include:

  • Weight – When compared to other winter covers, elephant pool covers are lighter and easy to carry.

  • It’s a lot easier to get off – Elephant pool coverings are already clean and dry because they are above the waterline. It’s as simple as unhooking the moorings and pulling the cover off! There’s no need to empty and wrap up a bunch of water bags after pumping out water from the top.

  • It’s a lot easier to store – The elephant pool coverings may be folded and stowed in their protective bags with ease. Other winter pool covers regularly need cleaning and are free of algae before being stored.

  • It’s a lot easier to put on – There’s no need to fill, carry, or place several water bags. You can start by hooking the springs’ ends onto their anchors, and your safety cover is ready to go. Elephant pool safety coverings, unlike tarp coverings, do not need to be weighed down by the water.

  • There’s no need to worry about falling leaves.- When leaves fall over tarp-style water covers, the water that must sit on top of the pool cover traps them. Clean the leaves off the pool cover before you remove it. If not, they will wind up in the pool’s bottom. Leaves that fall on safety coverings dry up and fly away in the wind.

  • Broken water bags no longer need replacement – When you don’t have water bags, you won’t have to go to the pool store midway through closing the pool because a couple of your water bags have holes in them.

They Look Better Than Regular Pool Cover

We cannot deny that safety coverings look far superior to alternative winter covers. Aside from their quality, they are also available in many different colors to suit your preferences and are custom constructed to match your pool.

The extra dense mesh coverings from LOOP-LOC come in a variety of colors. They have green and their designer color series of blue, tan, gray, and black. Green, as well as designer hues blue and tan, are available in their ULTRA-LOC pool covers.

Safer Than Regular Pool Covers

Safety covers, as their names suggest, were created with safety in mind. They can withstand heavy weight without breaking, and they’re known as elephant covers.

The elephant pool cover will stretch rather than break due to the strength of the stitched seams and mesh material. Remember, they also have the flexibility of the springs. The worst that could happen if someone fell into the pool with an elephant pool cover is getting a little wet.

Long Life

Safety coverings are substantially more durable than other types of winter pool covers. While most covers last only a couple of years, safety covers often last at least 15 years. Most decent elephant pool covers come with a 10- to 25-year warranty!

Elephant pool covers, unlike other winter covers, can be mended. Pool owners can buy a patch kit at a reasonable price. But only if a big branch or other object pokes a hole in the cover.

The Disadvantage Of Buying An Elephant Pool Cover

Nothing in life is flawless, as the adage goes. Safety covers are no exception, and they do have a few disadvantages.

Harder To Keep Water Clear

Because safety coverings are composed of mesh, they allow some light to pass through. The rays from the sun dissolve the chlorine, making it easier for algae to develop. Pools with safety covers are more likely to get hazy or green than pools with a solid winter cover.

More Expensive Than Regular Winter Covers

Traditional winter pool covers are only a few hundred dollars, but safety covers can cost anywhere from $1000-$2000.

Because of its warranty, build quality, and bespoke shape, a decent safety cover will always cost more. The anchors must be drilled into the pool surface by a competent specialist, which will add to your initial costs.

Elephant Pool Cover During Winter

It’s especially crucial to keep your water levels in check throughout the cold months. The following are the guidelines.

  1. Mesh covers are placed 15″ – 18″ below the pool’s top.
  2. The solid covering should be 12″ – 16″ below the pool’s top.

Following this is necessary to support the snow’s weight on the cover. If you allow the water level to go below the recommended level, it will add stress to the pool cover. It will lead to damage and will void the warranty.

I recommend clearing snow from your skimmer box and regularly checking water levels. Add water if the levels are low and reduce if it is high. You may also need to contact a swimming pool specialist to assess the situation for you.

How Safe Is an Elephant Pool Cover?

All LOOP-LOC covers have been UL approved and meet ASTM safety cover criteria. In an emergency, they can easily hold the weight of a child or an adult.

However, I would never suggest for someone to walk on the pool cover. I also recommend adult supervision at all times.

For an elephant cover to remain safe, pool owners must regularly clean it. I recommend using a long-handled brush or skimmer. You may also use a hose to clean or wash unwanted material or debris off the pool cover.

Also, a pool cover will age from all UV damage. It might compromise the safety characteristics over time. I recommend that you regularly check for signs or consult a swimming pool professional. Let them determine the status of your swimming pool cover.


While there are a few drawbacks of an elephant cover, their advantages outweigh their disadvantages. They can be expensive when you compare them to other pool covers.

However, their high-quality construction, longer life, the convenience of use, and safety make the cost well worth it.

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