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Pool Enclosure

Although your pool is a significant investment, how much time do you spend on it? On rainy days or when the sun is too hot, you might not be able to use it. A pool enclosure can be the answer if you want to enjoy your pool all year long.

What is a pool enclosure called? A pool enclosure can also be called a pool lanai. However, most people prefer to call this a pool cage since it looks like a cage. The purpose of this is to cover the pool area and prevent debris or insects from interacting with the pool water.

A pool lanai or pool cage is a must in some states, especially in Florida. But wherever you are, you sure can install pool cages for extra property safety and security. Before deciding on a pool enclosure, it is best if you know about the topic.

What You Need To Know About Pool Enclosure

A swimming pool is supposed to relieve stress and help you escape the annoyances of daily life. That’s why things like extra debris or pests in the pool area often irritate pool owners.

Many of them go to the seemingly excessive length of having their pools enclosed to safeguard their backyard havens.

Pool enclosures, also known as pool cages or pool lanais, are famous in Florida. They not only keep insects at bay but also provide shade from the sun and heat. With all the things happening to the world right now, a pool enclosure may be the best decision.

Cost Of Pool Enclosure

Because there are many factors, determining the exact cost of an enclosure is challenging. The price is also affected by the type and number of doors.

Pool enclosures range in price from $10 to $15 per square foot. Based on that, you should budget at least a few thousand dollars to enclose in an average-sized inground pool.

If you’re searching for an approximate number, your new pool enclosure will cost between $6,000 and $15,500.

Reasons You Should Install A Pool Enclosure

While building or installing a pool enclosure is costly, it is worth every penny. Imagine relaxing in your pool without worrying about any unwanted visitors visiting you.

Decreased Evaporation

Evaporation depletes your pool’s water supply, which can be costly. Because evaporation accounts for nearly 90% of a swimming pool’s heat loss, having the means to reduce evaporation is beneficial.

Because of the high ambient outdoor temperature, the evaporation rate of a swimming pool can increase.

By lowering the water temperature and humidity above the surface, a pool enclosure can help to reduce the evaporation process. You don’t wish to deal with low water levels in your pool.

Safety And Security

A pool enclosure protects against dirt, debris, and insects. It can also act as a safety barrier to keep children out of the pool. Unwanted pool visitors can end up in your open pool if it lacks a protective barrier, depending on your location.

A pool enclosure will prevent the plethora of insects. With a pool enclosure that prohibits entry while adults are not present, you can reduce accidents. Not only that, but it also prevents unwanted access and keeps your children secure.

Protection From Sunlight

A pool closure is what you need to limit sun exposure. You will surely need a break from the heat. If you’re worried about sun damage or skin cancer, a pool enclosure can help filter the sun and reduce UV radiation.

In addition, the water in your swimming will be colder and more attractive.


A pool enclosure can help you get the most out of your pool while also allowing you to relax more. You can extend your swimming season by using your swimming pool throughout the rainy season and during the summer months.

A retractable cage might allow you to swim in the open air while also shielding you from intense sunlight.

If your area is where mosquitos are prevalent during the swimming season, a pool enclosure is a must. A pool enclosure can help keep those annoying insects at bay.


Swimming pool enclosures that are customized can have a lot of visual appeals. A pool enclosure that demonstrates excellent craftsmanship, vibrant color, and technical solutions can increase the beauty of your pool.

You can design your pool enclosure to be practical, elegant, and one-of-a-kind.

Drawbacks Of Having A Pool Enclosure

Landscaping Limitations

You won’t have as many landscaping alternatives once you construct a pool enclosure. The enclosure might take up a large amount of your yard, obliterating any greenery.

Colder Pool Water

The pool water can turn a little cooler in the summer and winter months due to the restriction of solar exposure. You can place pool heaters if the temperature dips below your comfort level, extending your swimming season.

Do You Need A Pool Enclosure?

Suppose you’re having a hard time deciding whether to get a pool enclosure; the best suggestion is to wait. You should wait and see unless you have experience with pool enclosure or significant concerns that make one particularly appealing.

After a few summers of use, you can have the pool enclosed in if it becomes necessary. Some people usually add pool enclosures later, allowing them time to consider whether or not they need one.

Many pool owners get by just well without a pool enclosure, even in areas where mosquitoes are a problem. Keeping the pool chlorinated and in good functioning, the order is adequate to keep the bugs at bay in these circumstances.

The luck of the draw is also essential. Some spots appear to attract bugs more than others, even within the same general area.

Check into different types of enclosures that can match your needs before getting a pool enclosure.

Get at least many quotes for the task, as is customary when hiring a contractor. It’s worth it to put in the extra effort; after all, you’re safeguarding your refuge.


Whatever you prefer to call it, the purpose is to provide you with a host of benefits that can help you save money. It has few drawbacks.

But, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages since it increases comfort and enables year-round pool enjoyment. For your pool enclosure needs, find a contractor that can match your unique needs and enhance your pool experience.

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