What Is The Quietest Pool Pump?

Swimming is the perfect activity during summer, and it is an excellent way to relax and achieve a fit body during the hot season. If the weather is too hot, you can’t help but dive into your swimming pool because of the refreshing effect of the water on the body.

What is the quietest pool pump? Among the ones that you should consider buying includes Hayward SP2807X10 1 HP Max-Flo, which is perfect for in-group and spa pumps. Another one is the Blue Wave NE6183 Tidal Wave, which is known for the above ground pool type.

A Must-Read: How to Select the Best Pool Pump

Pool pumps can be annoying at times due to the odd noise they produce. If you want a peaceful relaxation, you should opt for a pool pump with quiet or stealth operation. For those people who want to learn about what a pool pump does, as well as know the quietest pools available in the market today, you are in the right place.

What Exactly Does A Pool Pump Do?

Before purchasing a pool pump, you need to know what exactly is its function to  find the best one for you. A pool pump is responsible for the circulation of water in your pool. What it does is to pump water through an extensive filtration system that removes all possible debris, dirt, and other contaminants that are contained by your pool’s water.

Pool pumps have to run with a minimum of 8 hours per day. It is essential so that the water in your pool stays clean. Aside from that, it allows you to reduce the need to change the pool’s water, which is quite costly.

Make sure to run your pool pump until all pool water has run through its filter. It is to ensure that the pool is ready and safe to swim at, having no other contaminants in them.

Top Quiet Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are most commonly known as the heart of the pool’s circulatory system. It’s the same principle as to how blood circulates through the body and cleaned by the kidney. A pool pump circulates the water through the main drain and the bassinet. Then it passes through a filter, and then eventually goes back to the pool.

Pool pumps are known to be noisy. They average up to 70 decibels. Here are some of the list of pool pumps that are relatively quiet to help you with your selection process:

Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump

The Blue Wave NE6171B is a powerful pool pump commonly used for above the ground pool types. It is an excellent replacement for inefficient and old pumps, which are considered to be among the top contenders for other poop pumps. This Blue Wave pump has a 110-volt motor, 1.5-hp pump, and self-priming capability. Unlike other pool pumps, it does not require manual priming before its operation.

If you are curious about the best feature of this pump, it is that the water from your pool is stored in a sump pit. It will then be piped to the pump’s suction side.

The construction of the pump is made from a durable polymer that doesn’t corrode or even rust. It is one of the highlights for this product as it gives an edge against conventional metal pumps. You need to be mindful, though, regarding the effectiveness of pumping. It is advisable to check the basket strainer if it has enough water to start pumping.

When you think about the capacity, Blue Wave NE6171B pump can suck and produce clean water at a speed of 62GPM for the height of 20 feet. This kind of pumping capacity power can give you an idea of how your pool will be supplied with fresh water at all times.

Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP

Another great on this list is the Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP. They are effective and high-performing for above ground pool pumps. What is great about this equipment is that they are affordable and one of the most efficient pumps out there. When compared to other high-end products on this list, this pump offers an excellent job in pumping for its affordable price.

The Harris pump uses a heavy-duty and corrosion-proof material for its durability. Inside the pump, you can see a stainless steel motor shaft initially designed to hold every harsh condition.

It doesn’t easily corrode when faced with a huge level of chlorine in the water, and a reinforced thermoplastic body adds to the pump’s toughness. The Harris pump can withstand, and you can use it for many years to come.

Harris ProForce is one of the quietest pumps in the market today. When it starts to run, you won’t even notice that it is running. If you have a permanent pool in your backyard, you should install it and enjoy a quiet pumping while relaxing. It is ready to use and has a transparent strainer lid, which comes in handy if you want to empty it or have it serviced.

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series

Hayward SP1580X15 is probably one of the top above-ground pool pumps. It has a 115-volt and a 1.5-hp pump, and it comes with heat-proof seals. The Hayward pumps are designed for commercial pools, and because of its double-size and seals, it is one of the best dip-roof pumps today.

The pump has a very long lifespan because it is resistant to tear or wear. It consists of a huge debris basket that can hold up to 118cubic inches. It is the kind of pool pump that you want to get if you are running a busy pool so you won’t have to worry about maintenance. As a result, you save more money from all your electric and water bill charges.

One of the reasons why this pool pump operates quietly is because it has thermoplastic housing. The power of the pump is 91GPM, with a height of 21 feet. With a huge strainer included, it collects all stooges, leaves, and other debris passing through its 1 ½ inch suction.

Aside from that, this pump consists of self-oiling bearings that can add to the efficiency, quiet operation, and durability. The Auto shut off features also make the pump safe to operate, and when the current from the grid changes, the system will automatically power down.

Pentair 348024 SuperFlo

Pentair 348024 SuperFlo pump is one of those pumps which is compatible with SunTouch, Easytouch, and Intellitouch pool control systems. It means that you can connect to them easily for full control of the overall operation. With this system installed, you can easily diagnose specific issues with your pumps accurately.

One of the benefits of having a pool pump like Pentair SuperFlo is that you can be alerted in case there are some power surges, failure, temperature issues, or any other issues in your pump.

You have full control of what is happening in your pool pump so you can take immediate action. Pentair is a safe pump that will prolong your pump life as a whole and will make sure water is running without any worry.

Pentair has a 4-speed pump that is useful for your consumption as it can save you more energy. Also, you may select the speed of the pump with whatever choice you want. It is unlike other pumps where they have the generic pump speed.

If you are wondering about the noise, Pentair SuperFlo is one of the quietest you will ever find in the market. You can effortlessly switch it on and off as you wish, change speed, and choose the pump’s operation. The average pump sound you will hear is only 45 decibels. This noise is completely unnoticeable.

Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump

Hayward Super Pump is a state of the art pool pump that has a technologically advanced pump. It has a robust and durable construction. This product is designed for all kinds of inground spa and pools and has a set of standards for excellence and value.

The Super pump impeller has a high flow rate that uses less horsepower than other pumps found in the market today. As a result, you are saving yourself energy and electricity since your pump just runs on the minimal state.

It has a 100 cubic inch basket that can hold most of the debris that can increase the in-between cleaning time. It is designed to be able to hold heavy debris with its rigid construction, and the load extended bridging can ensure a free-flow water operation. The designer of the product makes it easy to remove the pump’s strainer and easy to clean because of the see-thru cover.

You can easily find if the basket is full of debris without needing to reopen the strainer box over time. All the parts of the pump are made with PermaGlass that can stand for long periods.

Hayward W3SP3202VSP Pool Pump

Hayward W3SP3202VSP is the perfect pump if you are looking for a pump with low noise capacity and low energy consumption. It is the type of pump that can operate with minimal noise and can conserve more energy compared to other pumps. They are extremely quiet and yet extremely powerful.

This particular pool pump is an energy star certified as it complies with all the relevant industry solutions. It has a magnetic motor that is sealed and cooled with a fan to prevent overheating. It also has a built-in timer that brings in an auto turn-on and auto shut-off when needed. These two factors can give you guaranteed money savings and create an effective long-term pump action.

It may be expensive to buy, but it is the cheapest when it comes to the cost of operations and maintenance. If you are more inclined with the overall cost of the water pumping, then this is the kind of pump that you should buy for your pool.

Pentair IntelliFlo Pool Pump

The Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump is the perfect pump for you if you want to sleep up the task for cleaning, heating, and filtering. This powerful pump is also another energy star certified pump and features a three horsepower and 230-volt motor. With its built-in diagnostics, you can have this pump for many years to come.

Perfect for almost any application, this pump uses an optimal speed that is slower. This way, it can lessen the appearance of algae that can happen when water is stagnant.

It also helps the filter work more efficiently to filter out particles from the water that aren’t pushed through a filter in high pressure. When you also have some water that is consistent to move, chlorinators and chemical dispensers work better.

The Pentair has an eight-seed setting that you can easily program and customize. It can be either the speed of your pump and including the timer. It also comes with a powerful rear fan that can prevent the overheating of the motor. This cost-effective pump will help you save more energy than a regular pool pump making it one good investment in your house.

XtremepowerUS 2HP Inground Pool Pump

XtremepowerUS Is an excellent alternative to the standard Hayward and Pentair that has been flooding the market. This pump has an impressive two horsepower that is enough to circulate the pool water at any pool size.

To be able to execute that much power, this pump requires a 220V electric circuit. If you do not have a 220V in your pool, it will be a major hassle to get there. But if you have the existing volt, this pump should be an easy replacement.

With so much power, this pump can move up to 88 gallons per minute. It is one of the most impressive flow rates that has been recorded for a pool pump. It has a maximum suction of 66 feet, and it is perfect for in-ground pools. With its impressive power, it would not be efficient if you always had it running at maximum.

The good news is this pump has two speeds to choose from, giving you control in how you run it. The low mode gives you a more efficient power and quieter response while the high mode provides plenty of flow for running vacuums, skimmers, and other pool equipment.

Keeping up with the most famous brands out there, this pump features extra-large baskets that won’t need daily emptying. Also, it comes with a clear lid, so you don’t have to waste time trying to open it to check what is inside.

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250

The Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 is a pool cover pump that does not create any noise and offers automatic operation when it detects water. It is among the most convenient pumps out there and easy to use.

When your pool cover starts to get water from the rain, dew, or any other means, you need to remove it before you can take it off. Having professionals take care of them means you have to pay them, and it is time-consuming. It is why it is better to get a pool cover pump.

When the pool water reaches 2 ⅛ inches, the pump will automatically be on and remove the water. On the other hand, when the water gets below ¾ inches, the pump will shut off automatically. It is to ensure you are saving electricity and don’t run dry, and also you can plug it in and walk away without having to worry about it.

Compared to other pumps where they need to be emptied and prepared during the cold season, the Wayne pool cover pump is an exception. The Wayne pump has built-in freeze protection that can prevent the water pump from getting damaged when the weather is too low. But please bear in mind to take the pump indoors when the temperature starts to become cold.

The strainer base has the capability of filtering debris, so you do not have to worry about your pump if it’s going to get clogged. Additionally, the base is extra wide to prevent from falling over, and since it is an oil-free pump, you do not have to worry about regular maintenance.


Overall, there are plenty of quiet pumps to choose from, and when it comes to these types of pumps, variable speed takes the lead. For this reason, you can pick the Pentair 340039 SuperFlo as it gets all the basics you need and many other features. Not only does this pump operate at an impressive lower decibel level, but it is also powerful and offers excellent performance.

It might be expensive on the initial purchase. This pump is a guarantee that you will be able to use for several years to come. It makes a great bargain in terms of longevity and maintenance costs. There might be many products to choose but what matters is you did your research to find out the one that can suit your preference and budget.

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