What Is The Best Brand Of Pool Shock?

When it comes to pool maintenance, it is essential to keep your swimming pool clean and safe. Removing algae and other types of bacteria will be one of your recurring tasks from your pool, which requires good solutions such as chlorine.

What is the best brand of pool shock? In the Swim Chlorine Free Pool Shock is the best brand for overall performance. For algae, buy the Clorox Pool and Spa Shock XtraBlue. Other honorable mentions are Arch Chemical HTH Pool Shock Super Shock and the Pool Essentials Shock Treatment.

A Must Read: What Is The Best Pool Brand?

Here, you will find a variety of brands that offer high quality and best performance when it comes to shocking your pool. I will reveal the advantages of each product to help you determine the one that suits your needs. You better not miss any useful information below.

The Best Pool Shock

Maintaining your pool seems a little intimidating because of its high maintenance and algae and bacteria presence. They can spread in a high alarming manner.

Once they hit your pool on a certain level, it will be hard to control it. The best wat to do this is to use the best pool shock available and do it regularly. Here are some of the top pool shock brands to look for in the market today.

Clorox Pool and Spa Shock Xtra Blue

Clorox Pool and Spa Shock Xtra Blue, known to be among the most powerful pool shocks available today because the shock itself comes in with a lot of extra benefits. You will first notice that instead of getting this product in a box, you will get it in a simple to open a bottle that is much easier to use than plastic bags.

These products also have crystals that kill all blue algae, mustard algae, black algae, and most definitely green algae. This shock prevents the future regrowth of the algae in your pool area. It comes with 12 pounds of pool shock that can make your swimming pool clean and safe. It works perfectly well with your liner as it does not affect its quality, and it is most commonly used for vinyl liner.

Aqua Chem 12101AQU-02 Shock Xtra Blue

With the Aqua Chem 12101AQU-02 Shock Xtra Blue, you rest assured that you are getting a fast-acting swimming pool shock that destroys all algae in your pool. It is a very convenient product to use, and it destroys all algae and bacteria effectively. As a result, your pool will be safe to use and more hygienic to swim around.

Another good thing that this product can offer is that it makes your pool sparkling clean and does not affect the overall pH level. This pool shock is versatile as it can be used to shock all kinds of pools and help reduce irritation and chlorine odor. As soon as you add the shock in your pool, you only need to wait for 15 minutes, and you are good to go.

In The Swim Swimming Pool Shock (Chlorine-Free )

This product, In The Swim Chlorine-Free Pool Shock, is made up of active element Potassium MonoPersulfate that comprise most of the shock. If you purchase the set, you will get a 24 by 1 pound bag, making it one of the most affordable pool shocks available on the market today.

The Swim shock’s primary responsibility focuses on eliminating algae development and other dangerous bacteria that can be found in your pool. It works pretty flawlessly with your pool facility that is sanitized with the best bromine out there.

It also burns away all the dead chlorine cells, and as a result, it provides a high chlorine-free reading. This way, you can always use the shock to maintain your swimming pools.

Pool Essentials 25506ESS Shock Treatment

The Pool Essentials 25506ESS Shock Treatment is known for its fast-dissolving and easy to use shock feature. It can clear cloudy water and leave your pool crystal clear and safe to swim at any time you want to. It also offers a significant amount of chlorine smell, and as a result, you will get a safe pool and smells fresh.

This shock is ideal for all kinds of pools, and it is an ergonomic product that you can use for your in-ground and above-ground pool. Use this pool shock at least once per week to ensure that all bacterias and algae are destroyed, and you won’t be having cloudy water after usage.

DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock Treatment

DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock Treatment comes with 24 bags that weigh 1 pound each, and it is a fast-acting solution with quick-dissolving ability. This feature can leave your swimming pool sanitized and ready every time. This pool shock is generally effective in killing algae and other bacterias and helps to reduce the development of those bacterias.

The shock has 68% calcium hypochlorite, which makes it ideal as a pool shock. It can be used in any swimming pool, and for the best results, you can use one bag in every 10,000 gallons of water.

Not only that this product is effective, but it is also economical. It can save your money in the long run since you don’t have to keep on visiting the market to get bags every week.

HTH Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment

Another pool shock to add in your consideration is the HTH Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment. This product is perfect for killing and preventing all algae development in your swimming pool. Not only it kills all algae but also some bacterias that might have contaminated your facility.

One of the fantastic things about this product is that you do not need to add it on a day to day basis to ensure that your pool is clean. You only need to add it every seven days, and your pool will be free from these contaminants and other organisms.

The product is known to be a fast-acting-4-in-1 shock that can provide a clean and good outcome within 24 hours. Moreover, this product suits well with saltwater pools and still gives you the desired result. Similar to most products on this list, it is very affordable, and you can add it to the deep end of your swimming pool.

Zapp It 73% Cal Hypo Pool Shock

Zapp It comes with a packed bucket and in granular form. It is to ensure that you get all the shock easily when adding it to your pool. Every bucket weighs about 50 pounds, which is usually enough to run for a few months and make sure your pool remains clean, fresh, and free from all contaminants.

This shock contains 70% available chlorine, and this means that you do not need to worry about getting a shocked pool every time you use it. It is a super chlorinator and pool shock in one packet. It is fast-dissolving, and the granular comes in handy as you can use the pool instantly after you shock it. Add 1 pound of this shock, and it will be sufficient for a 40k gallon pool.

Tips For Choosing The Right Pool Shock

In terms of shocking your pool, there are few considerations regarding the type of pool shock you will use. It will always depend on water chemistry and the reason behind the shock. For green water, you need to use calcium hypochlorite shocks. And for your weekly maintenance, it is advisable to use sodium di-chlor, or potassium mono persulfate shock.

For Vinyl Pools

You should know that polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is most made by merging chlorine and ethylene, rolled into thin, flexible elements that are used to line your pool. You should use non-chlorine shock in these kinds of pools to prevent the bleaching process. Use pool shock products that have 65% or less chlorine in them.

For Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are molded pieces of fiberglass that are usually coated with a get cover. It is not affected mostly by chlorine because of its long-lasting surface. You can use any pool shock whenever you are doing your maintenance.


To summarize, choosing the right pool shock to use for effective cleaning is not a hard task. In fact, most of the brands that are listed above will get the job done as they are made with one primary purpose, and that is to keep your pool clean by killing bacteria and keeping algae at bay.

When you finally find a good shock that works perfectly for your pool, go ahead and stock up. As you can probably tell, buying bulk will save you more money. Shock is essential, so make sure you get one, and you’re free to enjoy your pool at any given time without any worries.

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