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Backwashing A Pool

Backwash hose is a helpful tool that helps many homeowners in their pool maintenance, and this is why it is considered a must-have if you have your own swimming pool.

Since there is plenty of backwash hose available, and it comes in different sizes depending on your pool type, finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. To figure it out, you have to know what precisely a pool backwash hose does.

What does a pool backwash hose do? Backwash or discharge hoses are usually attached to a multiport valve on a pool filter to clear and drain the dirty water. It is a helpful tool to help your filter work efficiently and safely.

This article aims to discuss the types of backwash hoses available in the market and help you determine what type of backwash hose you need for your home.

Type Of Backwash Hoses Available

There are many types of backwash hoses available in the market that can fulfill different roles around your house. You have your economic vinyl type of hose. It can last you for one whole season and is the most common type used in various households.

You have the heavy-duty rubber hose. This hose is much more durable than the previous hose and is commonly used to fight fires. The last one you have is the collapsible hose that is great if you’re going for utility, a longer hose but easy to store away when not in use.

One thing to note is that these products are usually defined as a “get what you pay for” product, meaning that if you’re willing to invest in much higher quality products, chances are you’re going to find yourself using what you bought for an extended period.

Best Pool Backwash Hose

Finding the best pool backwash hose for you will require understanding what you want the hose to do for your pool. Generally, a backwash hose works alongside the filter to keep contaminants away from the water in your pool.

The filter removes the contaminants, and the backwash hose is in charge of clearing the filter out and washing the waste away.

Keep in mind that when selecting a pool backwash hose, you will need to consider how far you’ll be sending the wastewater and how often you’re going to use the hose.

We took our time researching the market to help you find the best pool backwash hose for you.

GORILLA Swimming Pool Backwash Hose

This GORILLA (yes, all caps is intentional) hose is nothing like those flimsy, blue hoses you see on random houses and department stores, and it is considered the best heavy-duty hose.

This big, black hose is a whopping five times more durable than the standard pool backwash hoses on the market. This hose also comes equipped with a stainless steel hose clamp that locks the hose when you are not using it.

The GORILLA hose is made in 25, 50, up to 100 feet in length, depending on how far you want to dump your backwashed water.

The hose is 2″ in diameter and actually can’t fit without an attachment to pool filters that are 2″ or less in diameter. This hose is a good choice for you if you need to transport your backwashed water far away from your house or if you’re the type to gun for durability.

Since the GORILLA hose is PVC-reinforced, this should last you at least several years of use.


  • Comes with a stainless steel hose clamp
  • Allegedly five times stronger than standard backwash hoses


  • Will not attach to a 2″ or less filter even if damaged or warped

HydroMaxx 2″ Diameter Lay Flat Backwash Hose

The HydroMaxx heavy-duty backwash hose is designed not only to be used for pool water but you can also use it for chemicals and numerous other fluids to help you keep your pool and pool filters neat and tidy.

The blue hose of the HydroMaxx is made with circularly woven polyester fibers that guarantee reinforced durability and strength. This material also helps protect the hose against harmful UV rays that may damage the hose’s integrity.

The HydroMaxx hose is available for 100 feet long and has a 2″ diameter when expanded to its full capacity. This hose can also be easily rolled up and stored after you are done using it, although the coil can weigh close to 20 pounds due to the sturdy material it is made of.


  • Created with anti-UV material to help reduce wear and tear from outdoor conditions
  • Purchase includes clams that secure the hose to the pool filter
  • Resistant to twisting, kinking, and fraying
  • Rolls up for easy utility and storage


  • Heavy to transport

Pooline Products Backwash Hose

The Pooline Products hose is yet another valuable addition to your pool backwash needs. Just like the HydroMaxx hose, this Pooline Products hose lays flat until water starts pumping through it.

It is essential because you can risk damaging the quality of the hose due to the pressure of the water. It should also be mentioned that this hose needs to lay flat before you begin your backwash cycle lest.

The Pooline Products hose can attach to 2″ and smaller pool filters and comes in 50, 100, and 200 feet lengths.

The hose can work well enough with backwashing sessions, but it would be best not to rely on long-term usage since the material the hose is made of is relatively thin. However, it isn’t a tedious task to roll it up and store it away because of its build.


  • Rolls up and stores efficiently
  • Made of lightweight and flexible material


  • Purchase does not come with clamps
  • Not made of heavy-duty material and is, therefore, accessible to damage

PVC Swimming Pool Backwash Hose By U.S. Pool Supply

If your place is really tight on storage space, this might be the backwash hose. This hose comes in 50 to 100 feet lengths, but the cool thing about them is that you roll or unroll them whenever you need them for backwashing your pool efficiently.

This hose can fold on itself on top of being rolled up in a circle to minimize the storage space it takes up in your home. This hose is easy to handle and lightweight as well despite being bundled up.

Pool Supply is a popular brand for cleaning devices and pool chemicals. Their products have been utilized by many all over the country and are available at most major retailers.


  • Purchase includes clamps for easy storage
  • Purchase includes a warranty for one year
  • Stores efficiently


  • Creasing in the hose may lead to wear and tear in the material

Eastrans PVC Lay-Flat Backwash Hose

This backwash hose works for you to figure out where or not the hose will fit your pool filters.

While most backwash hoses in the market will have the usual 2″ diameter, this brand comes with extensive coverage for 1.25″ to 3″ in diameters along with 25, 50, and 100-foot selections for length depending on what your pool filter needs.

There are guides available with the selling information that helps customers decide which sizes would work best in their homes.


  • It has a wide selection of lengths and sizes that avoids a “one size fits all” situation
  • The hose is lightweight and is easy to transport and store
  • Polyester fiber minimizes leaks and tears through the hose


  • With extensive use, it is prone to wear and tear
  • Not very forgiving with incorrect filter sizes

Eastrans PVC Backwash Hose with CamLock Fittings

This backwash hose is made with strong polyester fiber. It is durable enough to withstand external wear and tear and extreme weather, all while having enough flexibility to fold in on itself for efficient storage.

Because of its material, this hose may be on the heavier side when it lays flat.

Purchase of this hose includes a clamping connection with two male groove adapters and two female couplers for its aluminum fittings.

This hose is also heat-treated for extended durability and performance as a bonus. Additionally, this is the only brand in the market that offers fittings to connect with couplers properly.


  • Relatively affordable compared to other brands
  • Material is not prone to external wear and tear


  • Only available in 50 feet length

Factors In Choosing Pool Backwash Hose

As with any long-term investment decisions, deciding on what to buy for a backwash hose will require extensive thought processes and ample consideration of the market. Here are among the factors to consider when choosing a backwash hose to use for your household.


The length of the hose you’re going to be purchasing should cover the distance to where you want to transport your backwashed water. Some places will have specific protocols about where to dump your excess pool water, making sure to learn and follow these rules.

Having more hose than you need is better than not having enough of it, so don’t be afraid to go long. It is always better to have some allowance just in case.

Inside Diameter

The diameter of the hose’s interior because this feature directly corresponds to the attachment point of the pool filter. A hose with too small of an interior diameter will not fit over a filter that needs a bigger opening.

Generally, you are advised to purchase a hose with an interior diameter of 0.25″ wider than your pool filter for a snug fit.

Conversely, hoses with too big of an interior diameter may work. Still, you will have to make it work with the help of some specific tools and ample effort for this method to be effective and efficient.


Your backwash hose is made out of matters since this purchase could potentially be a long-term investment for your household. Generally speaking, a hose made out of vinyl is somewhat prone to damage and wear and tear.

Conversely, hoses made of much durable material like reinforced PVC and the like or hoses weaved with strong polyester would be much better options for the longevity of usage.


Of course, the all-important question of “how much” is an inevitable and omnipresent factor when it comes to purchases and investments alike.

Ideally speaking, it shouldn’t be necessary for you to buy backwash hoses frequently. If you made a good purchase, backwash hoses of good quality should last you several years, depending on how often you utilize them and the quality of the hose.

It would be best if you put your hose to use at least every week for maintenance. Do not be afraid of spending money for good quality since higher quality hoses deliver on their purpose and durability more often than not.

Pool Backwash Hose Best Practices

Backwash hoses are not actually required in every household, but it would be remiss to disregard the benefits of having this device in your home.

Not using a backwash hose around the house can lead to a messier household and cause the soil to erode around the area. Backwash hoses are usually available in 1.5″ to 2″ in width and anywhere from 25 to 200 feet in length.

The 1.5″ width is usually for smaller pumps, while the 2″ is used to transport water of more significant volumes. With a clamp, the hose is held and uses an adapter to transport the water from the pool through the hose.


To sum it up, backwash hoses are very helpful in maintaining a tidy household. Since they are handy, it would be advisable for homeowners to learn about these tools and apply them to help keep their homes pristine and well-managed.

A suitable backwash hose can last you several years with the correct maintenance and care, making them worthwhile investments for any home.

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