Walking On A Mesh Pool Cover | Top Choices For Mesh Pool Cover

Walking On A Pool Cover

When you own a swimming pool, by this time, you feel that there’s a need to install a pool cover. Safety covers or pool covers help prevent pets, other creatures, and youngsters from accidentally drowning.  They also maintain your pool clean, prohibit heat loss and lessen water evaporation.

Can you walk on a mesh pool cover? Yes. There are specifications to consider, like the size of the pool cover and the pool cover frame. You can also check the material of the pool cover and can sustain weight.

In the article, get to know the specifications to consider when selecting the proper pool cover. You will also discover the top choice for a mesh pool cover and its details.

Specifications To Consider When Selecting The Proper Pool Cover

Identifying The Size Of Your Pool Cover

Your pool cover should match the size of your pool to cover and close it correctly.

As claimed by the experts, the pool cover should lengthen 3 inches beyond the pool’s rim for an in-ground pool. Before buying a pool cover, you need to estimate to get the true extent of your pool.

When your swimming pool is a standard size, it will be effortless to locate one in a shop and cheaper. On the other hand, you will need to order a customized pool cover.

Frame Of Your Pool Cover

Pool styles with symmetric shapes and straight-line like rectangular, Grecian, and Kidney are usually located at several wholesalers.

However, pools with rounded frames or asymmetrical edges need more work. When your pool has an extraordinary shape, you most probably need to buy a customized pool cover.

Material Of The Pool Cover

Pool covers generally come in three standard materials that you can choose from Mesh safety covers, heavy-duty mesh safety covers, and solid safety covers.

1. Mesh Safety Covers

Mesh safety covers are the customary covers for your pool. They are portable, simple to clean, and easy to keep. The fine mesh material permits particular light to penetrate. About 5% of sunlight can pass through your pool when using a mesh cover.

Snow and water will dissolve through the pool, but fragments will not be able to pass over the cover. The mesh cover will also screen the pool from youngsters or pets falling.

As stated by retailers, mesh pool covers are worth $200-600 lesser than the heavier duty pool covers. The duration of mesh pool covers is around 10-15 years.

2. Heavy-duty Mesh Safety Covers

Heavy-duty mesh safety covers are more hard-wearing than mesh safety covers. This cover allows only 1% of sunlight within the pool. However, water can penetrate through the cover.

This kind of cover is elite and typically pricier. This pool cover functions well with backyards, with several trees protecting your pool from branches and debris.

On top of this, this will prevent your youngsters and pets from falling in, just like the mesh cover.

3. Solid Safety Covers

Solid safety covers are usually created from solid vinyl or composite polyester fabric-coated material. The solid covers contribute total protection for the pool and individuals around it.

Solid pool covers obstruct 100% sunlight which prevents algae growth. The solid pool cover is bulkier and daunting to store than mesh covers.

The lifespan of solid pool cover is 7 to 11 years, a few short years compared to mesh cover.

Search For A Pool Cover That Sustain Weight

Searching for a pool cover that can sustain weight is a responsibility. When you’re particularly searching for a pool cover that may be walked on, don’t decide on something labeled durable.

All pool covers are broadcasted in this way to sell. Check for pool covers that have a weight resistant or break strength tag on them.

Step-on or walk-on pool covers have two selections: mesh and hard. Mesh pool covers have been treated for years to exceed other brands. Hard walk-on covers usually have superior break-strength compared to a mesh. However, a mesh can still bear thousands of pounds.

But if you want to extend the life span of your mesh cover, it’s pointed out to avoid walking on it intentionally.

Pool Cover With Best Protection

If protection is the primary reason for buying a pool cover, then some things must be considered. For instance, drowning is the leading cause of death for youngsters ages 1 to 14.

Because of this, selecting the right kind of material for the best protection is essential. Mesh and solid pool covers are an excellent form to have as they deliver solid aid for the pool.

When protection is your first concern, one kind of pool cover should be bypassed, and that is the solar pool cover.

Solar pool cover doesn’t deliver average protection and may be risky. They are open to malfunction and may be stripped by a child if they see where the controls are.

Top Choices For Mesh Pool Cover

When looking for the ideal mesh pool cover to keep the safety of your pool and children, there are several economical brands available in the market.

Each safety pool cover’s features and positive attributes will help you decide on the right brand for you.

Water Warden Mesh Safety Cover 20 by 40 inch

This pool cover has completely answered the issues of several pool owners when it comes to pool cleaning and drowning pets. This pool cover is weightless and easy to install as well as storing when not in use.

This pool cover comes with the required accessories that make the installation possible in a few seconds. The disadvantage of this pool cover is the initial cost of rebuilding is pricier.

Green Mesh-CES Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover

This pool cover features a 15-year warranty and can be easily maintained, especially during the summer months.

This cover is used to extract unclean steady water, ice, and dissolved snow compared to other products available in the market. The pool is made out of high-end materials that provide a stylish look.

The pool cover is designed with modernization along with a computerized shaping and edging system. It has a sturdy and strengthened net that carries out both the top and bottom of the stitching and around it.

The pack of this pool cover has brass screws, brass plugs, vinyl sleeves, and spring buckles.

The straps on both sides of the mesh cover pool are capable of withstanding excess weight. This famous cover can be easily installed for an inground or rectangular pool since it is feathery. The downside of this pool cover is that it can be arduous to maintain and a bit pricey.

Blue Wave’s In-Ground Pool Cover

The Blue Wave is the ideal pool cover that can be walked on. This kind of pool cover has a mesh-type material that can survive the weight of the entire family.

It is embedded by connecting the support bands to binding anchors that are installed around the pool. The anchors are made up of durable steel that ensures they won’t rust in the long run.

Blue Wave creates these anchors understanding what type of weight they need to hold. The anchors can hold a critical weight without spending money on pool restorations. This pool cover is available in blue and green colors.

Arctic Armor Safety Pool Cover

Arctic Armor has designed a solid two-ply polypropylene mesh cover that can hold a weight of over 3,000 kg. It comes with a twelve-year warranty that is very strong and can be easily installed by one person.

This pool cover will not only protect your immediate family from falling in, but it can last for at least 12 years.

The material can endure ultraviolet rays from the sun to deteriorate after prolonged exposure to the sun. The kind of material used in this pool cover is synthesized raw and recycled materials, making a variation for the environment and family. The most popular and standard color for this cover is blue and green with high-quality brass anchors.

Rectangle Safety Pool Cover By Meyco

Weighing 68 pounds, this pool cover is durable with two-ply Meycolite mesh, one of the top stores regarding break-strength technology.

This pool cover can withstand about 4,000 pounds. It can also endure deterioration, mold, sunlight, and possible dents from chlorine contact. It’s equipped with Meyco’s patent spring brass with a rounded anchoring system.

It comes with stainless steel buckles and springs to attach the hold of the pool cover. This Meyco pool cover is meant to be used on an entirely rectangular pool. There should be no immovable issues like ladder, slides, or handrails.


Having a swimming pool leads to the responsibility of installing safety pool covers. It is to ensure that youngsters and pets are safe from accidentally drowning. These pool covers will also keep your pool in working order for the year ahead.

Choosing the right pool cover may seem easygoing, and there are many quality walk-on pool covers in the market. Be meticulous on the materials and accessories that go with it.

Be on the lookout for positive reviews or insights on the product to ensure you’re buying the right mesh pool cover.

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