Understanding Bubbles Coming Out of Your Pool Jets: Causes and Solutions

If you’ve noticed bubbles coming out of your pool jets, it can be a perplexing issue. While some level of air bubbles is normal, excessive or persistent bubbling can indicate an underlying problem.

Understanding the causes of bubbles in your pool jets is crucial for troubleshooting and ensuring proper pool maintenance.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the common reasons behind the occurrence of bubbles and provide you with practical solutions to address the issue effectively.

Air Entrapment in the Pump System

Low water level

Insufficient water in the pool can lead to air being drawn into the system, resulting in bubbles. Check the water level and maintain it within the recommended range to prevent air entrainment.

Air leaks in suction lines

Leaks in the suction lines, such as cracks, loose fittings, or worn-out gaskets, can introduce air into the system. Inspect the suction lines and repair any leaks or replace faulty components to eliminate air ingress.

Loose or damaged pump lid

A loose or damaged pump lid can create a suction leak, causing air to be drawn into the system. Ensure the pump lid is securely fastened and replace it if it shows signs of damage or wear.

Impeller issues

A damaged or clogged impeller can disrupt water flow, leading to air entrainment. Clean the impeller and inspect it for any signs of damage. Replace the impeller if necessary to restore proper water circulation.

Problems with the Filtration System

Clogged or dirty filter

A clogged or dirty filter restricts water flow, increasing the likelihood of air bubbles. Clean or backwash the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain optimal filtration and prevent air entrapment.

Inadequate water level in the skimmer

Insufficient water in the skimmer can cause air to be drawn into the system, resulting in bubbles. Ensure the water level in the skimmer is at the appropriate level for proper skimming and water flow.

Air leaks in the filter system

Check for air leaks in the filter system, including the filter tank, pressure gauge, and any connection points. Repair or replace damaged components to eliminate air ingress and maintain a properly sealed filtration system.

Issues with Return Jets and Plumbing

Incorrect return jet direction

Improperly aimed return jets can create turbulence, causing air to mix with the water and produce bubbles. Adjust the return jet direction to ensure the water is directed downward and not creating excessive agitation.

High water flow or water pressure

Excessive water flow or pressure can lead to cavitation, where air bubbles form due to the forceful movement of water.

Check the flow rate and pressure of the pump and adjust them within the recommended range to minimize cavitation.

Plumbing leaks

Leaks in the plumbing lines, such as loose connections or cracked pipes, can introduce air into the system. Inspect the plumbing lines for any signs of leakage and repair or replace the affected components as necessary.

Chemical Imbalance and Water Chemistry

High pH or alkalinity levels

Elevated pH or alkalinity levels can lead to the formation of tiny bubbles in the water, which can be pushed out through the jets. Test and adjust the pH and alkalinity levels to maintain a balanced water chemistry.

High calcium hardness

Excessive calcium hardness in the water can contribute to the formation of bubbles. Regularly test the calcium hardness level and make appropriate adjustments to keep it within the recommended range.

Excessive use of algaecides or clarifiers

Overuse of algaecides or clarifiers can create foaming and contribute to the appearance of bubbles. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper dosage and application of these products.

Seeking Professional Assistance

If you have tried the suggested solutions and the issue persists, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance.

A pool expert or technician can conduct a thorough inspection of your pool system and identify any underlying issues that require specialized knowledge or equipment for repair.


Bubbles coming out of your pool jets can be a result of various factors, including air entrainment, filtration system issues, plumbing leaks, and chemical imbalances.

By understanding the causes outlined in this article and implementing the suggested solutions, you can effectively address the issue and maintain a well-functioning pool system.

Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and proper water chemistry management will help minimize the occurrence of bubbles and ensure a pleasant and enjoyable swimming experience.

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