The Top 3 Electric Pump For Your Inflatable Pool | How To Choose

Pumps For Your Inflatable Pool

If you own a big inflatable pool, you will definitely need the kind of pump that blows up the air quickly and easily. While most big inflatable pools come with a pump, what you need is a durable and convenient air pump, so better go through the list below intently to see which fits for you.

What kind of pump do I need for an inflatable pool? An electric air pump. It would help if you used an electric air pump to enjoy a faster and easier way to set up your inflatable pool. Most electric air pumps can inflate large inflatable pools for about three minutes or less.

Learn more about electric air pumps in this post and why they are the ideal device to set up inflatable pools.

Use An Electric Pump For Your Inflatable Pool

The easiest way to set up your inflatable pool is to use an electric pump. With an electric pump, you no longer need to pump air yourself because the device will do it for you.

It is especially when inflating a substantial inflatable pool. Top-notch electric air pumps can inflate even the largest pool in less than three minutes because of their high volume and low pressure.

Electric air pumps work just like any other pump. The only difference is that it requires an electrical power source, and it won’t work even with the help of your hands.

Electrical power helps the device create a vacuum suction in the interior of the pump, sucking air into the atmosphere. Afterward, it compresses and pushes the air into the allocated chamber connected to your inflatable pool.

What is excellent about electric pumps is that they make blowing up inflatable pools fast and easy. On the other hand, not all electric pumps are budget-friendly, as some tend to showcase a hefty price tag.

Many electric pumps are also bulky compared to other types, making them difficult to travel with.

Despite these minor disadvantages, electric air pumps are still the best choice for inflating inflatable pools.

Especially if you don’t want to start your summer vacation with sore arms and heavy breathing, if you wish to set up your pool in minutes, choose the most efficient electric air pump out there. The faster you inflate your pool, the longer you enjoy having fun swimming.

How To Use An Electric Pump?

  1. Plug the device into a proper power source
  2. If needed, use an extension cord to plug the electric air pump
  3. Use the correct attachment that matches your pool’s valve and ensure that it is completely attached
  4. Switch on the electric air pump and start filling all the air chambers of your inflatable pool
  5. Close all the air chambers of your inflatable pool and make sure that the air valves are secure

When inflating your inflatable pool, make sure to do it slowly until the wrinkles in your pool are gone. But, don’t try to over-inflate to avoid damaging your pool.

Aside from that, place the electric pump away from any water as it can cause electric shock. You might be very excited to use your new inflatable pool, but don’t forget to put safety as your priority.

Another thing to remember is never to allow your kids to operate an electric pump. Always make sure to unplug the device after using it and keep it away from your kids’ reach.

Top Air Pumps For Inflatable Pool

AGPTEK Quick Fill Electric Air Pump

This electric air pump is one of the most durable pumps you can find. It is ideal for those who need high-power air pumps that are portable enough to use on the go.

Most inflatable pool owners who have used AGPTEK Quick Fill Electric Air Pump before said that this device is easy to use. It comes with a 110v power supply and 12v DC adapter, waiting for you to plug and switch to start inflating.

If you want a portable electric air pump, this device from AGPTEK is small and light enough to bring wherever you go. Its size is ideal for traveling, so if you want to bring it to inflate your pool outdoors, you can do it with ease using this pump.

Additionally, it comes with three different nozzle heads for your unique needs. You can choose from small, medium, and large nozzle heads to inflate anything from pool floats to huge inflatable pools.

Airhead Kwik Tek Air Pump

The Airhead Kwik Tek Air Pump is another excellent option for inflatable pool owners. It is intended to be extra durable, allowing it to last for multiple years of use.

When you buy this 120-volt air pump, you will get an accordion-style hose and a long cord. This feature allows you to use it without a problem, even when the power source is at a distance.

Its portability also adds to its value as it is convenient to move from one location to another. Just like AGPTEK Quick Fill Electric Air Pump, this air pump also comes with three different sizes of nozzles, allowing it to fit most standard valves for inflatable objects.

Coleman Quick Air Pump

Inflating and deflating your inflatable pool will be much easier with this air pump. Coleman Quick Air Pump can both inflate and deflate to make setting up and storing a breeze for you.

It is also a sturdy device with a 120-volt power chord that you can plug in most outlets in your home. Switch it on, and you can start setting up your inflatable pool 80 times faster compared to other models.

Another thing that you will notice about this electric air pump is its large handle located on its back. This feature allows you to move the device around easier and faster and keep the pump stable while inflating your pool and floats.

This device also has multiple valve adaptors that are secure. With these adaptors, you can inflate a wide array of inflatables, including your favorite pool float.

How To Choose An Air Pump For Inflatable Pools

Intended Use

Since you intend to buy an air pump for an inflatable pool, choose the one that can pump air in a fast and effortless way, especially if you are inflating a big pool.

Electric air pumps are an ideal tool for inflating a giant inflatable pool as it does not require manual work and can inflate a pool in minutes.

If you inflate a kiddie pool and don’t own an electric air pump, having a hand air pump also comes in handy. This type of air pump is less expensive too.


Each electric air pump model offers a unique set of features. Knowing this, you should look carefully at the specs of the products you are checking out at the stores to ensure that they will meet your needs.

In this case, you will be inflating an inflatable pool, so choose an electric air pump with enough power to blow up even the largest inflatable pool there is.

Buy the correct model that fits your standards, especially in portability and ease of use. Also, ensure that the pump comes with adapters that apply to your home.


As mentioned earlier, check if an air pump is applicable or compatible with your home’s electric outlets. It is also best to choose one that features universal compatibility so you can utilize it with valves that are small or large.

A massive plus for electric air pumps with accessories like different sized nozzles to meet your unique needs.

Power Source

Unlike hand air pumps and battery-operated counterparts, electric air pumps work with the help of a power source. It means you can only use this type of air pump when you are at home or plugged into your car.

A 12-volts electric air pump should come with a DC adapter to have an option when there is a power outage in your area. When pumping inflatable pools at home, a standard outlet with 110 to 120-volts will be used to make an electric air pump work.


If you only need an air pump to set up your inflatable pool at home, you don’t need to focus on the device’s portability.

However, portability matters the most when you are planning to take it for camping and many more. The safest choice is to buy a portable electric air pump that is easy to use whenever needed.

Cord Length

A long cord allows better mobility when inflating an inflatable pool. A longer cord length also lets you have more space to inflate your items.

Cord length matters when the power source is quite far from where you want to inflate your pool. So, make sure to consider this factor before buying an electric air pump.


To sum it up, electric air pumps are perfect for inflating inflatable pools. Unlike its manual counterparts, you can even inflate a big inflatable pool in just a few minutes.

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