The 9 Best Pool Cover For This Winter | Winter Pool Cover Care Tips

Pool Cover For Winter

Winter is one of our favorite seasons, with its warm mornings in bed and hot cocoa at night. We also need to buy protective gear for our outside places as we prepare for the season. If you have a pool, you will need an additional layer of protection to keep debris out and prevent damage.

What is the best pool cover for winter? There are many pool cover fit for winter available online, but the best I would say is the Robelle 3524-4. While the Robelle is the sought out pool cover, other brands offer high-quality winter pool covers.

You’ll need a high-quality pool cover to keep your pool clean inside and out through winter. Here’s a list of the best winter pool covers for pools of various sizes. I will also give you some pointers on how to keep your swimming pool clean during the winter.

Top Pool Covers For Winter

A pool accessory attached around the pool is a winter pool cover, a mesh layer that totally encloses the pool’s surface. The purpose of this is to keep debris out during the winter months while also protecting from the elements.

Water and snow can be filtered through the mesh winter covers into the pool while detritus remains on the surface.

This feature maintains the pool clean of debris while preventing the pool cover from being dragged down by extra water. For the colder months, you’ll need a winter pool cover if you have an outdoor pool.

It is important to note that they are not safety coverings. These covers cannot sustain the weight of children or animals. It’s a good idea to put up a fence around the perimeter to keep animals out.

Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover

The Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover is a robust winter pool cover with a heavy-duty design. The material of solid pool covers does not allow water to pass through

. A heavy-duty 8 x 8 scrim comes with the Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover. This cover has a heavy-duty polyethylene material that weighs 2.36 oz./yd2.

The scrim count and material weight are the best measures of the strength and longevity of your pool cover. It is a heavy-duty pool cover that will protect your pool from the elements during the winter.

However, you may want to order by pool size, as the overlap exceeds the indicated pool size. A four-foot overlap comes in this cover. Please consider a larger pool size if you have a big swimming pool top rail.

This cover should be able to float in the pool water without causing too much tension. During the swimming season, this cover should not serve as a debris cover. This off-season pool cover is only functional in the winter.

This cover is mainly for above-ground pools that have the common top rail. There is also a winch and cable to fix your pool cover via the grommets around the perimeter.

You will also need some cover clips and cover wrap for pool closing for more security. There is no need for other installation procedures. The warranty is for ten-year.


  • Suitable for use in inclement weather
  • It is simple to set up and takedown
  • Overlay of four feet
  • Allows water to move through but not through
  • There is a free winch and cable
  • The warranty is for ten years


  • If not taken care of, it will not last for a long time.

INTEX Round Pool Cover

The 15-foot Intex circular metal frame cover is best if you have a circular pool. Rainwater does not collect because of the strategically positioned drain holes.

This 10-inch cover is easy to install because it fits tightly on the pool frame. It comes with an easy-to-use rope for securing the pool cover and preventing wind damage.


  • Prevents water collection
  • It is simple to put together and lasts a long time.
  • Has free rope tie for your convenience
  • Prevents debris accumulation


  • There are no grommets provided

In The Swim Pool Cover

The heavy-duty scrim used for the above-ground cover is a fantastic choice for a 24-foot round pool. The water gets protection from damaging UV radiation by the triple-laminated polyethylene.

It is long-lasting and excellent in protecting against harsh winter conditions. This lightweight pool cover is simple to set up and will keep your pool well protected throughout the winter.


  • Warranty of eight years
  • Installation is simple
  • Ensures that the pool is free of debris
  • It includes a cable and a winch


  • No free clips

Blue Wave Bronze Pool Cover

Blue Wave Bronze Pool Cover is a robust and durable pool cover that rivals those pool covers that cost twice as much. It is one of our Defender entry-level pool covers.

This cover can resist the harshest of winter thanks to its rugged polyethylene mesh and finish. Defender coverings are UV-protected and will survive in direct sunshine for years.

The dark navy blue cover has a black underside and is 5 feet longer and broader than the pool size. It comes with an 8-year warranty.


  • Warranty of eight years
  • Prevents algae growth
  • It includes a cable and a winch
  • Installing and removing it is simple


  • If you do not correctly install seams, they may tear.

INTEX Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

It provides all-purpose protection. To shield and safeguard your metal frame pool, use this deluxe pool cover. It is made of UV-resistant polyethylene and has built-in drain holes to keep water out.

It can be secured using the rope ties that come with it.

It is a round pool cover with premium features. It uses drain holes to keep water from accumulating.


  • UV-protective
  • A rope that is easy to use
  • Prevent water buildup
  • Clamps that release quickly


  • The eyelets are too close to the edge of the garment.

Winter Block Aboveground Pool Winter Cover

The Winter Block pool cover is an excellent solution for keeping your above-ground pool in good shape until next spring. It contains UV-treated laminated polyethylene material with high-density stitching.

It protects the pool cover from leaf detritus, wind, melted snow, sun rays, and rains. Its 77% scrim makes it tough enough to resist harsh winter weather.


  • Grommets around the circumference, a winch, and a cable are all included
  • UV protection with ease of installation
  • With a tight weave, it is light and airy


  • Grommets are prone to tearing.

Robelle Super In-Ground Winter Pool Cover

You can cover a 20x40ft rectangle in-ground pool with the Robelle Super pool cover, which has a five-foot overlap. It floats on the water and protects the swimming pool from the harsh winter elements.

The best thing about this is that it does not imply any stress or straining damage.

It is a sturdy solution because of the heavy-weight polyethylene, 88% scrim, and reinforced edges. This UV-treated imperial blue cover protects against sun damage and has a black underside to prevent algae growth.


  • UV radiation and algae growth are protected
  • Warranty of ten years
  • Installing and removing it is simple
  • Allows no water to pass-through


  • No metal eyelets

Water Warden Safety Cover

The Water Warden Pool Cover protects your in-ground pool from harsh winter weather in one action. When it comes to construction, the cover adheres to industry requirements to ensure that it lasts longer and is safe.

The cover is light, allowing rainfall to pass through while trapping leaves and other detritus. It’s built in the United States and has a ten-year warranty.


  • Already has hardware for installation
  • 20-year warranty on UV-treated and handcrafted materials
  • Safe and long-lasting


  • It can be heavy
  • Installation by a professional is necessary.

Pool Mate Sandstone Pool Cover

A 24 feet circle overlooking the swimming pool is the Pool Mate sandstone cover. It is a high-grade seal cover that does not break down under heavy snowfall or seasonal precipitation.

With its four-foot overlay, it covers your pool without strain and stress on the cloth.

The durable UV-treated material does not allow water to pass and stops the development of algae. If you are looking for a high-duty, stylish cover for many seasons, the pool cover is right for you.


  • Has free winch and cable
  • Guarantee of 15 years
  • Prevents growth of algae
  • Simple to install and delete


  • Vulnerable winch

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pool Cover For Winter

Before you choose a pool cover, the following are the five crucial aspects that you need to consider:

  • Match your pool – Before you choose a cover, think about the size and shape of your pool.
  • Budget – Only spend what you’ve set aside in your budget.
  • Functionality – What is the purpose of a pool cover? Perhaps to keep leaves from falling into your swimming pool. Tailor your insurance policy to your requirements.
  • Climate – Some covers are best for locations with harsh weather, while others are best for mild weather.
  • Warranty – You should buy a cover with a 5-year warranty at the very least.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting A Winter Pool Cover

Advantages Of A Winter Pool Cover

  • Protection – Protects the swimming pool from debris and inclement weather.
  • Chemical retention – Protect chemicals from evaporation by using winter pool coverings.
  • Durable – Winter pool coverings can survive for a long time if you properly store them.

Disadvantages Of A Winter Pool Cover

  • Safety – These are not safety coverings and do not provide protection, despite being sturdier than solar covers.

Protect Your Pool Cover From Winter Elements

Against Wind Damage

1. Install Pool Cover Clips

Clips for pool covers are inexpensive and easy to use. Hook them to the pool cover and then to the pool rail’s underside.

However, don’t skimp on the number of clips you utilize. To prevent anything from getting in or under the cover, you’ll need to secure it to the pool. The presence of significant gaps between clips generates risky areas.

2. Strap It Down

Include grommets on the edges of above-ground pool coverings. They will also come with a rope and winch system for tightening the pool cover. Here’s how to put it to use:

  • Wrap the pool cover around the pool’s rails.
  • Place the cable grommets on the grommets.
  • Using the winch, tighten it up.

The cover will be taut, and wind cannot get underneath it if you install it correctly. Debris will not be able to get up underneath the pool cover and into the water.

3. Add Water On Top

Adding up about three inches of water on top of the cover may seem paradoxical, but it’s a good idea. It gives an added layer of weight and protection. As a result, ensure the water layer on top does not exceed three inches.

Against Leaves & Tree Branches

Every year when you remove the pool cover, you may see holes. Tree branches and leaves cause damage. It rips the pool cover apart. You have two options for preventing your pool from being destroyed by the cold and the trees.

  1. Call a professional tree service to remove any overhanging tree branches that could fall into your pool. During the winter, dead tree limbs are the leading cause of holes in swimming pool covers, followed by seam tears.

  2. Purchase a swimming pool leaf net that you can install directly on top of the pool cover. The water drains right through this leaf net. However, the leaves get stuck; once the leaves have fallen, peel the pool net off.

Against Ice Expansion Damage

Water expands as it freezes, as most of us are aware. However, when it comes to above-ground pools, ice expansion presses against the walls. They will be damaged if there is too much pressure applied to them. It can and will result in a wall breakage.

However, this is not something to ponder. All you should do is blow it up and lay it under the cover in the center of the pool.

Winter Pool Cover Care Tips

Keep Tension

You can secure solid safety coverings in place by springs and straps attached to the pool deck. All of the springs should be under roughly the same amount of tension and around halfway inflated.

Throughout the off-season, you should inspect these straps and make corrections if anything becomes loose. Also, check to see if any cracks have formed up. It allows a small live item to fall into the pool.

Keep It Clean from Leaves and Debris

Remember to remove the leaves and branches from the safety cover of your swimming pool. However, keep the garbage out of the pool cover.

These twigs may pocket your pool cover with holes. When this occurs, you must patch in the pool cover hole before it grows or risks early replacement.

  1. To remove your cover of debris, use a leaf blower, leaf net, or a soft-bristle bowl brush. Using a snow shovel or similar instrument to remove it could harm it.

  2. Remove any dirt from under and around the straps and springs that hold your cover in place. There’s no need for you to remove snow from the pool cover if you live in a region that gets plenty of snow. A good safety cover can hold more than a foot of snow.

  3. Under any circumstances, don’t attempt to melt snow.

Keep The Correct Water Level

To guarantee that your cover functions the way it should be, maintain the correct water level in your pool. Water under the cover aids in the stability of the pool cover when there is snow on it. So be sure the water level isn’t too low, or your pool cover will be damaged.

In normal circumstances, you don’t want the water to touch the cover. If your pool has too much water, it will create a moist zone where leaves and twigs may collect.

If your water level rises too high, you can use a tiny cover pump to remove the surplus. You can also use a garden hose.

Put A Mark On Your Cover

Putting a mark on your cover is particularly crucial when you reside in a snowfall zone. It is hard to know where the edge of your pool is if you are covering a good amount of snow.

To outline the border of your swimming pool, use plow piles, and twine or snow poles. But make sure it’s visible however you choose to mark it. Make sure your markers are tall if you are in the region with 8 inches of snow in a day.

Keep up with these few duties through the winter. You’ll have a pool that’s almost ready to use when the weather heats up. Taking good care of your cover will extend its life and save you money on expensive replacements.


The best pool cover should be long-lasting, robust, and cost-effective. In addition to safeguarding your swimming pool with pool covers throughout the winter, you must also secure the pool covers.

Use the guidelines above to select the best pool cover for your swimming pool and to secure it.

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