The 10 Best Pool Brushes You Can Get For Cheap

Pool Brush

To maintain a clean and healthy swimming pool, you will need to keep a few things with your pool supplies. One of the most significant is the pool brush.

Having a pool brush is vital for keeping the pool wall, steps, tiled surfaces, and other areas clean, whether you are new to pool maintenance or have been doing it for years.

Today, there are many different brushes available. Some of them might be decent, but others are not worth a cent. To help out below is a compilation of pool brushes to help you find the best one for your needs.

The Best Pool Brushes

A pool brush is one of the various items you can use to clean and maintain a pool. It is the instrument having the most stringent objective, keep the swimming pool sparkling clean.

It cleans the pool floors, pool walls, pool edges, corners, and other areas or surfaces related to the swimming pool.

Greenco Pool Brush

Your pool cleaning will be a breeze with the Greenco Aluminum Back Brush. Because it is 20 inches long, you can use it to clean both floors and walls. It is also strengthened with aluminum, making it tough and durable.

Also, the brush is effective and will thoroughly clean any areas. The swimming pool brush attaches effortlessly to any pole and allows you to begin cleaning right away.

The Greenco Aluminum Back features powerful bristles that cut through filth and algae perfectly, unlike other brushes made of cheap polymers.

Furthermore, this brush is tough and durable. It should last you a long time. Because it is long enough, it cleans a vast surface area.

This pool brush is best for large swimming pools. Using this brush will give you better results with its high-quality nylon bristles.

Urchin DJ Pool Brush

The Urchin DJ could be the best alternative for you if you only want a pool brush with high-quality bristles. Aluminum, ABS plastic, and nylon bristles are used to create the pool brush.

In essence, you should be able to use these pool brushes for a long time. The Urchin’s curved edges ensure that you can carefully treat the corners without causing any damage to vinyl surfaces.

Another characteristic of this swimming pool brush that we enjoy is how simple it is to clip into the handle. Because of the EZ Clip handle, you will never get your finger stuck while trying to connect this brush.

This pool brush makes cleaning corners and surfaces of all types of swimming pools a breeze. It is also safe for vinyl pool liners. If you have issues with algae, you can opt to use this pool brush and trust that it can help cut algae issues.

Urchin DJ Pool Step & Corner Brush, Premium Bristles

A single swimming pool brush is not always enough. This swimming pool brush is a good choice if you use something that has trouble with rounded surfaces, steps, or corners.

When you first glance at this pool brush, you will notice that it has a unique design. It features a 180-degree handle that you can swivel left and right. It will assist in saving the time it takes to clean those hard-to-reach parts of the swimming pool walls.

This pool brush is another option if you have trouble with water lines or if your pool has very intricate steps.

If you are looking for a safe option, this pool brush might be for you. Scratching pool liners have never been a problem with this one. Its width is also the best size for cleaning stairwells and corners.

The Wall Whale Classic Brush For Swimming Pools

As it cleans the floor and sides of a pool, this fascinating aquatic brush resembles a whale. On the other hand, its tail is more like a car spoiler than a whale tail brush.

It allows the pool brush to stay in contact with the surfaces of the pool. Furthermore, this action lets the wall whale brush clean up to ten times better than traditional ones.

This brush is so effective at cleaning and makes it so simple. Some users have reported that they can clean their pool with just one hand. Cleaning activities become considerably easier to complete as a result.

This pool brush allows you to clean the sides of your pool because of how lightweight it is. Not only can the lightweight design make cleaning a breeze, but you can also attach it with almost any pole.

Its nylon bristles will last a long time, even if you regularly use them for tough algae.

Milliard Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush

The aluminum handle is slanted 45 degrees to put the brush in the best position for pushing and cleaning.

If you have a vinyl pool, you may want something with the softest bristles possible for your liner to avoid scratches. Metal bristles are sometimes the only option to remove difficult stains and keep the pool’s rough edges algae-free for other pool kinds.

The Milliard Heavy Duty brush is made out of nylon and wire hybrid bristles. It will effectively clean any accumulation on your pool walls.

When you have the option to employ wire bristles in your pool, you will notice a significant improvement in cleaning power.

Above all, it has hybrid stainless steel bristles that allow intense pool cleaning. It makes cleaning hard-to-reach places easy.

If you have vinyl pools, do not use this brush. Its bristles are not soft enough, and it will scratch the vinyl liner.

POOLWHALE Heavy Duty Swimming Floor & Wall Pool Brush

The 18-inch Poolwhale cleaning brush is among the most excellent options for pool owners looking for poly bristles. With these poly bristles, you will be able to scrub those tough spots without damaging your pool’s walls. Furthermore, poly bristles have a longer lifespan.

The Pool Whale’s gently curved ends ensure that even the toughest corners can be cleaned. Even if your pool is infested with algae or germs, this pool brush can do the trick.

The brush’s metal strengthened frame guarantees that it moves through the water as you need it to.

This brush will also last you a long time, even if you use it regularly. Its corner cleaning power is top-notch because of its extra broad bristles and metal frame. But because it has a different frame, it can be hard to find a pole that goes with it.

U.S. Pool Supply Heavy Duty Pool Brush

This heavy-duty 20-inch pool brush has a robust metal back that tilts to adapt. Its features allow you to reach into all the bends and folds of the pool walls you have never reached before.

It is the most reliable pool brush available. The bristles are nylon, which makes them durable while remaining soft to the touch.

The brush is 20 x 6 x 4 inches and weighs around 12 ounces. It is a brush with a changeable width and 5 to 7 rows of high-quality bristles.

When fighting against the pool’s dirty flooring and walls, you will find this to be a convenient measure. For this reason, it is considered one of the best corner pool brushes.

The brush is sold separately, but it can be attached to any standard-size pool pole. Because the bristles are so soft, pool cleaning will be quick and easy. Even when you apply pressure to the handle, the brush will remain firmly in place and not nudge.

The design is similar to any other wall whale pool brush on the market. And if you have ever used one, you will understand how beneficial this brush will be when cleaning your pool quickly.

Use the long brush’s length to your advantage and clean your pool in a matter of minutes. The brush’s top is aluminum, which means it won’t corrode as steel brushes would.

You won’t need a replacement for this brush for a long time, and when you do, you’ll find yourself returning to get another one.

This brush makes attaching a pol easier than other brushes on the market. It has nylon bristles that will last for years. And because of its size, cleaning will be quick, even for a large swimming pool.

All of its benefits come with a price, however. This pool brush costs a bit more than the other most pool brushes on this list.

Blue Torrent Brush for Swimming Pools

This pool brush from Blue Torrent has a unique blue, white, and yellow design. It not only looks attractive but effectively cleans the algae, scum, and bacteria off of the floor and edges of just about any pool.

This 12-inch brush may be used to clean filth all around your pool by attaching it to a telescopic pole. However, you should know that the telescopic pole is not included.

It also dries rapidly and may be easily stored in your garage or tool shed once completed. Its 360-degree design will make pool cleaning much easier.

You should expect a better pool cleaning experience with its 360-degree cleaning power. If you have an above-ground swimming pool with round edges, opt for this pool brush. This brush is safe for vinyl liners.

The only downside with this brush is its lack of metal backing. Because of this, the frame snaps faster when used with too much stress.

Flower beauty Polycarbonate Pool Brush

Flower beauty lightweight pool brush is one of the most affordable brushes on this list, but don’t overlook it. It’s made of high-quality plastic that’s light, strong, and long-lasting.

The pool brush is 20 inches wide and may be adjusted in length as needed. It is 15 inches broad when the side brushes are removed.

The brush’s bristles are made up of two different types of bristles: polypropylene and polycarbonate. The brush will be more effective at cleaning the swimming pool floors or tiles due to this.

Furthermore, the pool brush’s edges are curved to make cleaning those pesky corners that you despise so much easier.

This brush is among the softest and safest options for vinyl liners. Despite its soft bristles, this still works best for algae control. And because this brush does not have aluminum handles, expect a lighter cleaning experience.

While its non-aluminum handle makes the brush lighter, the durability may not be as good as others. If you use too much force, you may break the frame.

The Homega Swimming Pool

The 18-inch Homega Swimming Pool Brush is curved to help you get into the corners and is extremely sturdy. It comes with a 45-degree angled plastic handle. It guarantees that you’re removing any dirt or bacteria from the pool’s walls at the proper angle.

It may seem expensive, but the brush quality will do its justice. It uses ABS plastic material, which means it is sturdy. If you have pools with many angles and curves, this will be the best fit.

However, if you brush your pool more than thrice a week, this might not be for you. Its bristles wear out faster than other pool brush options.

Choosing A Pool Brush – A Short Guide

We have gone through some of the most popular brushes on the market. And now, time to talk about how to pick the right brush for your pool.

Not every pool brush is suitable for every swimming pool. In certain situations, using the incorrect brush might result in scratching your pool’s walls and floor. As a result, it’s critical to examine the following factors.

Your Pool’s Shape

Another significant element to consider when buying a brush is the size of your pool. Some brush types are more suited to certain pool forms than others. Rectangular brushes appear to work best for square pools, in my experience.

Rounder brushes work best for round pools. Of course, this is essentially a matter of personal preference, so pick one that fits your cleaning style.

Consider The Brush’s Size

Your pool’s size and the size of your brush are the first things you should think about. Keep in mind that 5-inch brushes are usually only suitable for spot cleaning and not cleaning broad parts of the pool.

If you have a large pool, you may want to go with a larger brush. We suggest getting an 18-inch or larger pool brush. If you have a smaller pool or one that doesn’t require much cleaning, though, you can go with a smaller brush.

Consider What The Bristles Are Made From

Another factor to consider is the substance used to make your brush’s bristles. A stainless-steel brush is effective at cleaning tough stains from concrete and gunite.

However, it will damage vinyl and fiberglass pools. To avoid scratching these types of pool surfaces, always use a nylon brush. The safest option when you aren’t sure what type of brush to get is nylon.

Most Brushes Come Without Poles

One thing to bear in mind for potential brush buyers is that most brushes do not come with poles. The poles, on the other hand, are typically purchased individually. Many pool owners have purchased brushes only to discover that they did not include a pole.

A Few Pool Cleaning Tips

Brush Your Pool Regularly

At the very least once a week, brush the sides and floor of your pool. The entire process should take less than 20 minutes if you use the right brush, but it is well worth it. Some people believe that brushing their pool twice a week is required, but most do not.

Your pool should be OK if you brush it once a week and skim it once a week. You may not need to brush your pool as often if you have an automatic pool cleaning. However, it is still a good idea to give it an excellent brushing now and again.

Use the Appropriate Pool Cleaners

Another thing you can do is to make sure it has the proper amount of pool chemicals in it at all times. Too much or too little might throw your pool’s balance off and make it difficult to clean.

Other Pool Cleaning Tips

  • Skim your pool regularly. Skimming the water for dirt and debris is the most straightforward way to keep your pool healthy and clean.

    Swimming pool skimming will take about ten minutes of your time and will extend the pool life expectancy. If you are eager to keep your pool clean, you should skim it at least once a day.

  • Maintain the appropriate chlorine levels. While your pool contains many critical chemicals, chlorine is the most important. Chlorine is the sanitizer that keeps bacteria out of your pool.

  • At least once weekly, clean out your filter basket. The filter in your pool works hard to keep all of the trash and filth out of the water. You owe it to your filter to clean it regularly and replace it when necessary.

  • Check the chemical levels in your pool. Too little or too much of any chemical can cause serious injury to you or your pool. You don’t want your pool to turn into a bacterial breeding area.

  • Regardless of what happens, make yearly service appointments. Even if you clean your pool daily, you should inspect it at least once a year to ensure safety.


Allowing algae and filth to overrun and damage your pool is not a good idea. You can remove stains and dirt without damaging your pool’s walls or floor using one of the pool brushes we reviewed.

They are simple to use and are built of long-lasting materials. Purchasing one is a wise decision.

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