Is It Okay To Swim In A Green Pool?

On a hot summer day, the blue crystal clear pool is the most enticing thing in the world. It makes you want to jump straight in even with all of your clothes still on. The only problem is if the water is cloudy instead of clear and green instead of a nice blue.

Is it okay to swim in a green pool? A green pool is most likely not very safe or sanitary. The normal color of a pool should be a clear blue. If the pool looks green and cloudy, there might be another problem. It could mean the water has not been cleaned properly.

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In this article, I will be explaining to you why a swimming pool might turn green. I will also tell you the reason why it is not safe and what might happen if you swim in it. In the latter part, I will give you some tips on how to clear a green, cloudy pool.

What Does A Green Pool Mean?

If your swimming pool is green, it can only mean one thing. You have algae growing in the water. Based on the intensity of the color, you can tell how far along the problem is. A light green tint means that the algae have just started to bloom. If your pool has become so green that it is not translucent anymore, you should act immediately.

Why Is It Not Safe?

In natural bodies of water, algae are normal occurrences. It is relatively safe to swim in algae-filled ponds or lakes. However, swimming pools are not ecosystems with other aquatic organisms. At least, they should not be. There are no animals or bacteria in pools that can filter out and eat the algae.

Algae Are Bad for Your Pool

If the algae are not cleaned out naturally in a marine ecosystem, they can be toxic and harmful. First of all, they are not good for your pool because they will clog up your filters. The algae will also consume the pool’s chlorine. Removing algae will be very costly because of the chemical treatments required. Also, it will be a huge nuisance to you.

Bacteria And Parasites

As much as possible, you should avoid swimming in a green algae-filled pool. If your pool has algae, there are likely all kinds of other bacteria and parasites. These bacteria can enter your body through your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. It is also not great for your skin to absorb all of that. You could become very ill or suffer from some nasty infections.

How To Clear A Green Pool

There are several ways on how you can clear the algae from your pool:


The first thing you should do is vacuum the pool. It will remove the algae and other things that should not be in your pool water.

Chemical Treatment

You can treat your pool water with algaecides that will kill the algae you missed with the vacuum.


You can use special pool cleaning brushes to get them out if there are still leftover algae and debris.


While it is okay to swim in natural waters that are green, that is not the case for pools. Try to avoid swimming in a green pool until the algae have been cleared.

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