Is A Pool Worth The Money?

There is nothing more refreshing and fun than a cold swimming pool. Swimming in pools is one of the ideal activities of people who live in a warm climate and those who are far away from the beach. It’s relaxing, refreshing, and fun. But does having a pool even worth the money?

Is a pool worth the money? Yes, for those who want to increase the value of their home. Having a pool also provides a sort of relaxation for the family, especially during the hottest days. Aside from these, having a pool also provides several more benefits.

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These days, families have trouble debating whether they should have a pool on their homes or estates seeing as kids enjoy swimming. But, since it would take a lot of money to have swimming in your backyard, people should be wise and must know if it’s worth the money to have a pool.

In this article, you’ll be able to read how much does a pool construction cost, seven benefits of having a private pool, and if it’s worth the money to have a pool built on your backyard.

How Much Does A Pool Construction Cost?

A swimming pool’s cost varies on its size, shape, and materials. It includes the additional expenses for the beautification of the designs of your pool for it to be improved and enhanced. The pool’s cost also depends on what type of pool you want to have.

Here Are The Estimated Cost Of A Swimming Pool

  1. National average cost – $50,000
  2. Average range – $3,000 – $100,000
  3. Minimum cost – $1,500
  4. Maximum cost – $110,000

There are types of pools that also vary from their shapes, sizes, and materials. Those types are fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl. All three can be in-ground types of pool wherein in-ground pools are the common types of pools. For the In-Ground Vinyl pool, its average cost is $37,000. For the in-ground fiberglass pool, it is $50,000, while for the in-ground concrete pool, it is $60,000.

There are still other expenses that one should consider when they want to have a pool on their spacious backyard, such as the materials, designs, labor costs, water, pool maintenance, etc. You just have to be wise in making decisions for your customized pool.

Benefits Of Having A Private Pool

Good For The Health

Swimming in a pool is a form of exercise, and if you don’t prefer jogging or running, you could resort to swimming. It’s therapeutic, and it helps to keep our cardiovascular system healthy. You can get Vitamin D from the sun as you swim. Also, swimming can help relieve stress, so if had a bad day at work or school, jump in the pool and relax.

Learn To Swim

One of the benefits of having a private pool is that you can learn to swim comfortably without swimming around other people in public pools or resorts. If you know how to swim, you could teach your siblings, relatives, or even your kids. It could also be a great way to bond and learn swimming in the pool.

It Allows You To Throw Private Parties

Having a spacious backyard with a pool would be a great place to have such occasions and get-togethers. You can throw birthday parties, christenings, or just simple get-togethers. The pool creates a great ambiance along with the decorations and the designs that are organized. Your guests will surely appreciate the view and the location of the party.

Good For Staycation

Planning on taking a vacation? Well if your plan includes swimming and sun-bathing, you don’t have to get out when you have a pool. Think of it as a staycation, and you can swim around and get a nice tan from the sun. It is more convenient since you don’t have to outside and drive away to find a public pool to swim and lounge.

It Can Let You Have Fun And Relax With Your Family

If you plan on relaxing and just have fun, well, you don’t need to go out when you have a swimming pool waiting for you in your backyard. Kids can have fun splashing and having fun on the water, and adults can lounge and just relax.

Value Of The House Increases

There’s no doubt that your house’s value increases when you have a swimming pool built on your backyard. The increase in the value of your home depends on what type of swimming pool you have in your house.

Provides Entertainment

If you are bored and wanted to do some physical exercise and seek fun, you can always dive into the cold waters of your pool. You can have some pool floaters that have different colors and or you can even play with water guns since you’re in the water. You may also play volleyball with your friends in the pool, making it more entertaining.

Related Questions

1. What type of pool should I get if I ever consider having a pool built on my backyard?

It’s your choice of what type you want because you can get your pool customized. You can choose whether you want it to like an infinity pool, saltwater pool, lap pool, etc.

Then you can even choose if it’s inground or above ground. You have to consider the expenses and the costs since having a pool would mean a lot of money.

2. What would be the value of my house if I add a pool?

Your house’s value will significantly rise, yet it will depend on the type of pool that you add. If it so happens that you want to sell your house, the pool would be one of the things buyers would look forward to looking since most people love to enjoy and relax on a cold, relieving pool.


Pools are no doubt convenient to have, especially if you want just to enjoy and have some friends over. The money that will be spent on building a pool will be worth considering a lot of benefits it gives. Having a pool would mean it would need maintenance, yet it will be worth it and won’t be wasted since you and your family would use it.

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