How Often Do I Need To Change My Pool Cartridge Filter?

Pool cartridge filter is used to keep swimming pools clean. It can be used for pools with 30,000 gallons or less volume of water capacity. When the filter is clogged and dirty, the entire water of the pool can become dirty too.

When should I replace my Pool Filter? Usually, it has to be replaced once every one to two years.

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Knowing when pool filter cartridges should be changed is one of the problematic parts of the pool owners, so let me help you. You can also see in this article the benefits of replacing your pool filter cartridges as you read along.

How Often Should Pool Cartilage Filter Be Changed?

Pool-filter cartridge should be changed according to the size of the pool and how often do you use it. It can depend on the quality of the water that the pool uses. If a lot of people use the pool often, filters can be clogged and dirty because of body oils, dirt, and other waste.

Also, the filter’s life span will not last long if you enter the pool with suntan lotion, deodorants, hair-care products, and other chemicals.

Filter’s condition should be observed to know when to change it. If the cloth looks loose, or if the cartridge looks cracked, it’s time to replace it with a new one. But usually, Cartridge Filter has to be replaced once every one to two years.

Benefits Of Replacing Your Pool Filter Cartridges

Keeps Your Pool Clean

Filter Cartridges are considered the finest method in keeping your pool clean, and it manages the water quality of your pool.

Easy Circulation Of Water

A clogged filter prevents water from moving swiftly through the filtration system. Installing a new filter returns your filtration system in having a good water circulation, and you can give a safe swimming environment for everyone.

Related Questions

What are the three types of swimming pool filter?

Sand Filters can filter 20 to 100 microns, and you need to do manual backwashing every few weeks.

These are cheap and easy to replace. Cartridge Filters doesn’t require backwashing so it is better than Sand Filters but not as great as DE Filters. DE Filters has the best filtering ability of as small as 5 microns, but the most expensive.

What are the signs that your Filter Cartridge needs changing?

High PSI, end cap cracks, flattening of pleats, frayed fabric, crushed cartridge are the signs that you need to change your filter cartridge. So if you notice them, replace your Filter Cartridge immediately.


Avoiding a clogged and dirty filter is also avoiding the entire water of the pool from becoming dirty. A clean and functional cartridge filter will allow water to circulate more easily so that the filter is more effective in blocking the dirt and other particles that contaminate the pool.

Having sparkling clean water gives people a great swimming experience.

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