How Much Will A Pool Increase My Electric Bill?

Electric Bill

If the beach is not accessible now, then a nice dip at the pool would be God-sent. Swimming pools are getting more popular, particularly in an average American household.

However, potential swimming pool owners must think of the amount they’ll spend every month on it. No matter how fun and refreshing swimming pools can be to the homeowners, they can be headaches when used irresponsibly.

How much will a pool increase my electric bill? It usually depends on the pool facility you are using. For instance, a 1-speed pump can add $75 to $150 per month, whereas the 2-speed pump can cost around #30 to $50.00 per month.

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In this article, you may learn the additional cost of having a swimming pool and some valuable tips to save some dollars on your electricity.

Inground Pool Energy Requirements

Every swimming pool has different electric utilization, and therefore its monthly costs can also differ.

Variable Speed Pump And Filter System

Even though keeping them clean can be exhausting and costly, pump manufacturers are becoming wise regarding energy consumption.

When this 2-speed dual-purpose system is used at high speed at all times, the regular monthly bill added to your electricity would be around $30 to $50.

Single Speed Pump System

This kind of pump system runs 24/7, resulting in a higher monthly payment for electricity. The single-speed pump system has to be run at high speed, which is usually adequate.

Unfortunately, the average monthly cost it can add to your electric bill is ridiculously high, which ranges from $75 to $150.

Saving Tips For Swimming Pools

A swimming pool may be a great addition to your family’s enjoyment, but you have to be aware of how to save energy.

Maintain Clean Water

A healthy water circulation has a significant role in your pool system and health.

Ensure that your pool’s circulation is often run by a filtration or pump system for at least 8 hours to keep the water crystal clear. It would also help have a pool care schedule, so you’ll spend less time on pool maintenance.

Run The Pump Less At Night

Eight hours a day is enough to maintain a clean swimming pool and eliminate water contaminants. Since you’re saving energy consumption, then maximize its energy efficiency within 8 hours so you can avoid turning it on at night.

Use An Automatic Timer

You can’t just focus on your swimming pool all the time, because you have many responsibilities in your house. To save effort and energy, you can easily use an automatic timer to manage the pool pump and heater.


A swimming pool can be costly and might give you a big headache if you don’t know how to manage it. For more information and advice on saving energy, you can always ask for advice and references from the internet.

The most important thing in keeping a swimming pool is to know how to use it efficiently while enjoying its perks.

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