How Much Is Monthly Maintenance On A Pool?

Having a swimming pool at your house can be a luxury, and it’s a great thing to have during summer. But with this prestige comes with not so little maintenance. While the owner itself can perform some of the maintenance, it is best to let the professionals do their job, if only you have extra cash to spare.

How much is monthly maintenance on a pool? Monthly maintenance of a swimming pool can costs you an average of $122 per month or $1400 per year. For a one time cleaning, you can expect to spend $250 or more because some professionals based their costing on the size and type of pool you have.

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In this article, you will find out about pool maintenance costing and some factors that lead to those variations of costing.

Pool Maintenance Cost

Having a swimming pool at home is a kind of luxury that comes with its fair share of headaches. One of the main reasons is that it can be expensive not only to get it to build but also to the overall maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of the pool itself. For starters, the average pricing for a one-time cleaning can costs you $233.

Average Monthly Cost

If you’re wondering how much will it cost you for the whole month, the answer will always vary, but on average, it ranges from $80 to $150 monthly. When it is your first time to get a cleaning pool service, you can expect to spend $150 to $350 on average. 

For the opening and closing of a pool, you are expected to pay for about $300 to $500 of average fees. Bear in mind that these prices can spike high or low depending on the demand and the size and type of pool you have.

For basic care, you are to spend $30 to $95 or $80 to $150 for weekly or bi-weekly services. These kinds of care include water chemistry testing, filter, settings, and equipment checks.

This price can vary depending on the type of pool you have. For instance, a fiberglass pool can have little maintenance. In contrast, a concrete pool can be triple the cost because the chemicals needed to keep the water pH correct in it can have a considerable impact.

Chemical Pool Maintenance Costs

Speaking of chemicals, it is not all about pure manpower work when talking about pool maintenance. The chemicals needed for pool maintenance can cost about $175 for fiberglass pools, $400 for a vinyl pool, and, last but not least, $750 for concrete pools.

The price again can vary depending on the number of chemicals your pool needs. Having a pool cleaning service that handles the chemical aspect of it can help you cut costs while still giving the best water chemistry your pool needs.

Factors That Affects the Costing

When it comes to costing your pool maintenance, you will be surprised that the prices can range from different reasons. Size is one of the major things to consider, followed by the type and the frequency it needs for the maintenance services.

The Size Of The Pool

The most common factor when costing a pool is the size. It can change drastically, depending on how big you want it to be. As it increases the size, it automatically increases its materials needed when building the pool.

You also have to be aware that they need to do some excavation and soil removal in your backyard or wherever you want to put it in that involves your property, which will be added to the costs. For upgrading from one size to the next, you might need to add $3000 to $5000.

The Location Of The Pool

Another key factor in costing is your location, as services can be a little too high if you are living in some regions where there’s a high cost of living and a business district.

Also, in places where it is colder, it can increase the costing. For instance, when you want to close down your pool, you might be expecting to spend $150 to $300 for winterization, and for the re-opening, you have to pay the same cost for your pool.

It relates to the need or lack of need for constant maintenance. For example, when talking about the average monthly cost per state, in Oregon, you can spend $255 as when in Florida, which is way warmer, you can expect a $172 per month.

The Different Types of Pool

The type of pool, either it is above ground or inground, freshwater or saltwater pool, can affect the price as well. Saltwater pool maintenance can range from $80 – $95 per month, take note that this is just a monthly visit while inground and above-ground pool maintenance can cost you for about $60 to $90, and this is per hour not per month.

An above-ground pool is expensive. It is difficult to maintain because it lacks deck around it, which makes it harder for pool professionals.

Usually, there are different kinds of pools, depending on your budget. You can try fiberglass that is very easy to install and durable, you can opt for a vinyl option that is customizable and can adapt in different styles of the house.

Or if you have the budget, go for a concrete one, it is the sturdiest, and you get what you pay for in the long run.


Overall, having a pool at your house may be a luxurious thing to have, but it is not cheap. The maintenance and repair it needs can cost you hundreds of dollars. Also, you need to think about your electric and water bill when you decided to get one.

You need to have a high-income to sustain its amazing glory fully. Yes, it is a luxury item, but sometimes it can be rewarding to people because you work hard for it, and you deserve to relax and have a pool session with you and your family.

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