How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump?

A pool pumps let you keep your water clean as long as it is running to circulate the water in your filter. The amount of time you need to let your pool pump run depends on the size of your pool and its frequency.

How long should I run my pool pump? Running your pool pump for 12 hours per day is a good decision. It is just based on the assumption that the average turnover rate of your pool pump is 8 to 12 hours. For a residential pool, the water should turn over for at least once a day.

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In this short read, you will get an idea of what does a poll pump does and how long you should be running your pool pump.

What Does A Pool Pump Do?

If the water inside your pool didn’t move, it would become a swamp full of algae and all kinds of nasty stuff. One main factor of maintaining your pool is to keep the pool circulation working. It is generated by the pump, which is the first major component of a pool’s filtration system.

The pool pump is responsible for pulling the water inside and then pushes it out through the filter. Regardless of the filter type you have in your system, it will only work if the water pushes through.

It is how the filter can capture all the bacteria and other debris. To do that, it must run through the filtration system at least once a day to keep the water in the pool clear and clean. The process is called the turnover rate.

Average Pump Times

In a general sense, pool pumps should be run for approximately 12 hours per day in the summer and 6 hours per day in the winter. Just be mindful that this particular assumption should vary depending on the location and your situation.

The main factor that affects the pump times is the volume of the pool. It is the length multiplied to the width and multiplied to the depth. For most residential swimming pools in the backyard, there are 40,000 to 100,000 liters in volume.

Once you are able to know the right numbers, you can compare it to the output of the pump to work out the minimum hours it needs to run.


Overall, running the pool pump is everyone’s decision. You can run it 24/7, or you can limit it the way you want to. It is more of personal expenditure and if you want to save enough money, try to allocate specific hours to run it.

Keeping your pool clean by running vacuums and cleaners will lighten the load on the pump and will help it to last longer.

When it comes to how long to run the pool pump, there is no one size fits all solution. There are many options, and you only need to find the perfect timing for your pool and equipment.

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