How Do You Remove Air From Pool Liner?

Trying to get rid of air from the pool line includes many processes, such as system priming. System priming allows your pool pump to push the air out to remove it. When there is air inside the pump chamber and intake line, the pump cannot correctly pull water into the system to purify the air.

What is a pool liner? The swimming pool line is a cover put into the pool structure while it covers all the pool’s floors and walls. They are essential in maintaining the water in the pool, giving a bright and clean appearance. The lines have many varieties.

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Read on to learn about the different pool lines that are commonly utilized today. You will also learn that the clarity of your pool water depends on what the material you will use, its thickness, patterns, and colors. Let’s get into it.

Different Kinds Of Pool Lines

Every swimming pool includes a pool line, and some used concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. You can either replace the pool line or remove it for repair and attached to the swimming pool coping. The most dependable kind of poles is concrete ones that put in the ground. However, there are many options for you, and here are them.

Tiles Pool Lines

Tiles have many colors you can choose from; they can also be used to create a fantastic image through the pool walls and floor. Be patient because it may take some time to install, but the results are worth it. Also, they are worth the time and investment.

Concrete Pool Lines

If you are exploring creativity, painted concrete surfaces are an excellent opportunity for you. They will make your pool look fancy with different forms, cute shapes, different paint colors since the walls and floors, regardless of the pool’s shape. The pool lines are very flexible, even when it is from concrete.

You can use paint to produce arts on the floors and walls. Also, you can add a touch of your style and luxurious things. There are intended paints for concrete pool lines are epoxy and rubberized paint.

Vinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl pool liners are the most common liners for swimming pools, and today, they have evolved and used as concrete pool lines. Vinyl pool lines are useful when the pool’s floors and walls have cracks, chips, and signs of the weather. You can choose with an array of colors, styles, and designs that will suit what you need.

Aggregate And Pebble Pool Lines

If you are someone who worries about slippery surfaces, choosing pebble lines is the answer. Pebbles include a rough surface that will not hurt your feet even on what design you want. The stones were combined with aggregate materials to produce a slight protrude from the surface.

This kind of pole line and hands the natural beauty of your swimming pool, especially when sun rays hit them. No matter what materials and design you want, the sun will help your swimming pool sparkle and look fantastic.

If you want to aggregate full lines without pebbles and stones that the surfaces should be flat. Since it has no stones and pebbles, it has particles and chips to produce a speckled style. When making a pool line, the materials are concrete with another mix.

You may choose from different sizes and colors that you want. Some use seashells and other cute accents for their pool lines.

How To Remove Air From Pool Lines?

The first thing you need to do is turn off the pool heater and pump power. Also, if you have a pool cleaning pump installed, turn it off. Then, rotate the air relief valve counterclockwise on top of the filter canister to open the valve.

Leave the main drain valve open while closing the skimmer valves. It is essential to follow these crucial steps to remove the air effectively. After that, well, you secure the two knurled knobs, open the cover of the pool pump strainer box.

Always check there is water in the pump basket. However, if you don’t found any water, you can get a garden hose and seal the filter with water. Then examine if there are cracks in the cover gasket.

Use petroleum jelly to lubricate the gasket and convert it again. Use your hands to tighten the cover knobs. Then put the settings on the filter multiport valve.

You can now turn on the power of the pump well; you carefully opened the skimmer valve. Besides, you will be seeing bubbles coming out from the returns air is pushed out the line going to the pool water. The air is released and watch on the filter canister.

If the air is already out, you will have air getting out as the pool system fills up with water. Turn the valve clockwise to close it when the water starts to spurt out from the relief valve. The last step is to turn back on the pool cleaning pump and pool heater.


Every swimming pool needs water to be balanced. When the water is very acidic, the pool lines will tire out quickly. When the water is basic, there will be buildup in the liner surface and can create water scales.

The sides of the swimming pool are prone to abuse, signs of use, and harsh weather. Many recommend that you install pool lines for it to last longer. Find a great liner that can make your pool awesome and hold water. You can choose from different styles like uni-bead, beaded, and more. Choose one that is smooth, durable, beautiful, and comfortable for you.

Replacement is a vital aspect when it comes to swimming pool lines. Installation is done by professionals that can handle and install liners with caution. Before getting a pool liner, you can do a canvass first. Look on the internet and compare different brands, accessories, prices, and customer feedback to see which is the best installer.

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