How Do You Know If Your Pool Pump Is Bad?

A pool pump is an essential aspect of your swimming pool maintenance, but it has a tendency to break down. It is easy to identify a broken because it produces a strange sound or completely stops working. Others prefer to take their pool pump to repairers, but you can repair it by knowing some essential elements.

How do you know if your pool pump is bad? A broken motor has a strange sound. Before you repair the pool pump, make sure that these strange sounds came from the motor. Sound such as grinding, screeching, and humming. Also, identify the age of the motor because it might be out of tenureship.

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In this article, you’ll find out how you are able to know the strange sounds you need to look out for and other factors that caused the pump to break down.

The Strange Sounds From The Motor

Some motors would still look as if they’re in good shape. However, you still needed to check if they have some sound. Keep the pump open and listen closely.

Grinding Sound

The grinding sound usually signifies that the bearings are now worn out, so you have to fix the bearings so the motor will keep on running. The tendency of having a broken bearing is leaked water. You needed to double-check if the only problem is the bearing or the whole motor.

Screeching Sound

It could be a sign that the bearing needs to be replaced as soon as possible. What also made the sound awful is because of the oxidation, which made the motor too difficult to function. When oxidation forms, you need to replace the bearing fully.

Humming Sound

The humming sound would indicate that the capacitor is failing, which could lead to overheating. By then, you can only replace the capacitor instead of the whole motor so that the capacitor can provide charge to the motor.

Other Causes Of Pump Breakdown

Not only is the motor sound the only way to determine that the pool pump is failing, but you also have to consider some factors.

The Age Of The Motor

Everything will eventually die with old age, so if you have a motor of more than ten years, you need to change it. With old age, its functionality is not as great as the first time you bought and used it.

The Pressure Gauge

You have to check if the pressure gauge is failing because it will cause a domino effect on the pump. When it comes to the pressure gauge, you have to see a pool consultant so he can evaluate if the water pressure is steady or getting low.


Be keen enough to monitor the pool pump, so its function remained to be the same. It’s essential to keep the pool pump so you can keep your pool clean. If you need more advice about pool maintenance, you can consult a pool professional for consistent evaluation.

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