How Do I Increase Circulation In My Pool?

Part of making sure that your swimming pool is clean and beautiful is to keep your pool circulation maintained. Without proper circulation, your water won’t be able to sustain the proper filtration and chemical balance. It is the key to making sure you have a safe and healthy pool of water.

How do I increase circulation in my pool? One of the proper ways to immediately improve your swimming pool circulation is to clean your filter. Remove any debris found in the skimmer basket so your pump will be allowed to push more water through the hose and out of the pool.

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Learn more about how to increase the circulation in your swimming pool in this article as well as some useful tips to make sure you are running your pool right.

Pool Pump Maintenance

Before discussing circulation, you need to understand the science behind the pool pump. It is very crucial to be sure you have the right pump, and it is adequate for your pool size. Likewise, you need to avoid having an oversized pump, as well.

It is essential to store your pump as well in a dry and room temperature location during offseason. Make sure that this location is clean and have enough grease according to your manufacturers’ directions. Also before starting the swimming season, make sure your pump is in good condition.

Sizing Your Pool Pump

To be sure that you have the right size of your pump, you need to determine how many gallons per minute your pump flow rate is. The pool’s water must turn over at least once a day over an 8 to 12 hour period.

Pool Pump Filter Maintenance

All pool owners experienced vacuuming their pool and noticed that the water return pressure was decreased rapidly. It is because the bottom of your pool was extremely dirty and clogged from different large objects in the vacuum lines, filter, and skimmer.

When this happens, the pump is unable to push the same amount of water through the lines. The reason behind this is the debris that was collected by the vacuum.

It is ideal to either clean or replace your swimming pool filter medium. This way, it will allow the water to flow unrestricted and without any stoppage while doing its job.

Clean And Replace Cartridge Filters

There are many types of filters, and one of them is a cartridge filter. A cartridge filter is easy to maintain, by removing it and spraying it with a powerful water hose.

As a result, all good portions of the dirt will be gone. You might want to do it for several minutes and in all areas of the filter to maximize the effects of spraying it with water.

Another way to maintain the cartridge filter is to replace it. Replacing it with a new one will give you better results, and it should be replaced according to your manufacturer’s directions. Common filters needed to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks and during the heavy swimming season.

During filter changes, most cartridges can be sprayed down handily using the water hose to increase circulation. For instance, if you want to replace your filter once per month, you should spray it down every two weeks. It will most likely keep your pool circulation at a high performance.

Backwash Sand Filter

If you have a swimming pool that is equipped with sand filter, simply backwashing the filter will remove the debris. It can be either dirt, grass, or leaves that have been trapped inside of your filter.

By doing this, it will allow the pump to push more water through freely and gain more circulation. You should also flush sand filter at least once every other week and sometimes it requires you do do it more often.

If you recently vacuumed your pool or you might have a higher swimmer volume inside your swimming pool, flushing more is necessary. Once you have completed your backwashing, do not forget to run the rinse cycle before returning it to its filter mode.

After this, your pool will have more pressure coming from the pool’s return. As a result, it can increase the amount of circulation in your swimming pool.

Clean Filters Regularly

If you want to achieve a continuous circulation, all you need to do is to have a routine schedule and follow it religiously. For sand filter type pools, you can only pick one day a week or every other week to backwash.

It is also applicable to pools which use cartridge, pick one day to spray down the filter. Make it a habit and regularly to clean your filter or when changing the filter. Once you’re able to follow your own rules, you will have a greater water circulation throughout the entire swimming pool season.

Up And Down Point Return

The return of your pool can impose a huge impact on how your water circulates when the pool pump is running. If you have a pool return that is not adjustable, it is recommended to replace it with an adjustable return. This way, you will be able to aim the return. Hence, you can increase your water circulation.

If you have a pool return that is pointed upward, the water will most likely be going to circulate on the surface more than towards the bottom. It is good if you have a pool that generates whirlpool and waves. But, it might keep the skimmer from catching the debris floating on top.

On the other hand, pointing your pool return down will circulate the water beneath the surface and keep the top of the surface calmer. If the water on the surface is calm, it will be easier for the skimmer to catch all the debris easily.

It is worth noting to point your pool return opposite direction of your skimmer. Point it almost complete circular direction so that it can allow the walls to create a circular motion.

Proper Water Levels

During the swimming season and hottest months of the year, most of your pool water will most likely evaporate. It will cause your water levels to decrease and at a rapid rate without people using your pool.

Swimming pools can lose at least one to three inches in just a span of a week when your temperature hits 90 degrees and above.

It is recommended to top the water levels off at the same time while you are doing your weekly scheduled maintenance. It is to ensure that the water level is where your pool skimmer and pump can give its full performance and circulation.

Why Is Water Circulation Important?

Water circulation is essential because, without it, your swimming pools won’t be able to have the chemicals evenly distributed throughout your swimming pool area.

With the lack of circulation, your pool will become cloudy and dirty. The circulation is responsible for filtering bugs, grass, dirt, and other contaminant floating in the water. Here are three tasks that it takes care of:

Stagnant Water

Proper circulation will ensure that no spot in the pool is left stagnant with water that is continuously flowing inside and out of your pool. It is crucial to avoid algae formation as the dreaded microorganisms thrive in stagnant waters.

By providing a continuous flow of the water, any pathogen that might appear will be taken care of before it even has the chance to roots into the basin.


You might have noticed that depending on the quality and texture of the water chemicals, some dissolve faster in water. This minor feature might cause uneven balance of the water throughout your entire basin.

Some spots in your swimming pool will hold a higher concentration of the product, while others lack of it. It is a double-edged sword as it can damage the inner lining and doesn’t properly balance your water.

As a result, this can lead to serious complications. The water circulation will get this covered, and it will remove all hot and cold spots in your swimming pool.


Performing maintenance of your swimming pool will keep the debris away from it. But if you are not actively doing it, the circulation system can deal with it. The water current can carry the invaders right into the skimmer. They will trap them and preventing their return, and as a result, you will be able to benefit from clean and freshwater.


Overall, it is essential to keep the water moving always. If the water is moving, you will rest assured that you can enjoy crystal clear water in your pool for a long time. You can always adjust how many hours you wish the pump and filter to function.

It will also be under your discretion on how you wish the jets to be directed. As long as you keep everything clean and do a regular check on it, you will have no problem with the flow and circulation.

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