Does Vaseline Damage Rubber Seals?

Vaseline On Rubber Seals

In terms of reducing the cost of your pool, the essential thing is preventive maintenance. One of these preventive measures is lubrication, and all pool owners should be aware of finding the proper pool lube.

It is one of the easiest and cheapest preventive measures that can be taken to achieve the longevity of your pool motor and filter.

Does Vaseline damage rubber seals? Yes, any petroleum-based jelly eats the rubber, and it will cause the rubber to stretch and soon break. The preferred lube is Teflon or Silicone-based to keep the rubber soft and supple.

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In this short read, you will find out what pool lube is for, which kinds to use, and when to apply it if your pool needs a good lubricant.

What is Pool Lube For

Over an extended period, the O-rings of the pool filter and the motor will soon dry out, and it will cause breakage and cracks in the seal.

It is essential to know that a great seal makes the pool run properly, giving the best circulation.

There are two primary O-rings you should be paying attention to. It can be found near your motor lid and around your pool filter, and each one of these drying out can cause some severe issues with the performance.

Some even lead to severe damage that needs replacement.

There are instances where the pool motor will not prime won’t fill with water.

The drying of the O-ring causes it, and in some extreme cases, it can burn out the motor if not caught and fixed immediately.

What Pool Lube To Use

When it comes to lubrication, you need to ensure you are using the proper lubrication for all your pool equipment.

Please do not use a petroleum-based lubricant such as Petroleum Jelly as it can break down tmachine’se’s rubber.

Super Lube is the right product for looking for a Teflon-based lubricant.

Depending on the tube size, it can be purchased online and in any pool supply store for only $5-$12.

When To Apply Pool Lube

You need to check your current lube quality for the application while scheduling pool maintenance.

This will be enough preventive lubrication most of the time to keep the equipment in nominal working order.

If you decide to clean your filter or motor basket, it is effortless to check the O-rings dry.

Just look for some lousy O-ring seal, remove the motor lid or filter lid and then visually and physically inspect the O-ring.


Overall, it is not recommended to use Vaseline on your rubber gaskets to maintain your pool equipment. It will only do more harm than good, causing the rubber to stretch.

Knowing all these kinds of stuff is essential because it will save you more money and give you fewer repairs and maintenance.

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