Do Fire Departments Fill Pools?

A swimming pool contains thousands of gallons of water, and if you decide to build your own private pool, you might be shocked at how expensive it can be to fill it with water and how often you will be needed to add more to keep it full.

Do fire departments fill pools? Some fire departments may entertain the idea of filling up your pool by following some procedures and accounting for the other treated water they use. It always depends on their availability, as fire emergencies are their priority.

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In this short read, you will learn how to fill your pool properly other than asking the fire department to fill it for you.

Where Does Pool Water Come From?

There are so many sources of pool water. To begin with, depending on the budget that you have, the cost varies in different aspects and considerations.

While it varies from a different state, household, and municipality, here are some of the most common swimming pool water services that you can think of:

City Water And A Garden Hose

Finding water near you might be easier than you thought, you can always connect your garden hose to an outdoor tap to fill your pool. The costing will be a massive spike in your water bill as for the standard household.

They use for12,000 gallons of water per month. And the city you lived in will also charge for additional sewer fees. When filling water from a garden hose, it can take up to 48 hours to fill a standard pool size.

City Water From A Fire Hydrant

As garden hose will take a while to fill the whole swimming pool, people are considering asking their local fire department to fill them using the fire hydrant.

It varies remarkably, as a different state has different laws or policies they abide. Some city offers it for free, but in some other places, they require some payment for the cost of the water, it can serve as the rent for the hose or access fee.

A fire hydrant can fill the swimming pool by 1,500 GPM, and it is not recommended to use full pressure as it might damage the pool itself.

Pool Water Delivery Service

Believe it or not, there’s a pool water service delivery. It might vary depending on your location, but some companies bring water to your doorstep, like ordering online.

Some companies even offer pre-chlorinated water that can save time in testing and balancing the pH level of the water. In some cities with water shortages, this might be your best option.

It also comes with some cons to it, it can get pretty expensive, and the cost can vary depending on the size of the pool. But this is a much faster method than the two mentioned above. A standard pool can be filled within just a couple of hours.


Overall, fire departments might not be the best option to get your pool filled. They are one of the options, but it only depends on the location you are in, and some state doesn’t even allow it.

It is recommended to check in first with your water utility provider to see if they have regulations or can offer sewer fee to help to fill a pool.

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