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Pool Cover For Inground Pools

With the summertime coming to an end, there is the need to cover your pool during the winter months.

Many pool owners may already have a winter cover that they are comfortable using, while others are just curious about the different options available. Pool covers are necessary for many places as it protects and has its benefits when properly used.

What is the best pool cover for inground pools? The best pool cover out there is the Sun2Solar pool cover. It is among the most in-demand and popular pool covers out there. They deliver in terms of protecting your pool from outdoor forces and will maintain its integrity and performance.

Read on as this article aims to guide you through finding the best pool covers that fit your needs. If you plan to buy this essential pool accessory, you may want to consider several factors when searching for the right one for your in-ground type pool.

Choosing The Best Inground Pool Cover

There is no other way around it for many pool owners, and your pool needs to have a pool cover. Some can get away without one, but it is essential to get one for yourself to save more time and money.

It is in terms of opening, winterizing, and maintaining your pool, as you will spend double the amount without pool covers. It is an excellent investment if you pick the right one depending on your in-ground pool.

Benefits Of A Pool Cover

When talking about pool covers, there are two main problems that a pool cover can solve. The first one is that it reduces the amount of effort, time, and maintenance to maintain your pool during the off-season or winter properly.

Using a pool cover can prevent any leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into your pool. There’s no need for you to be wary about cleaning them from time to time, especially during winter.

The second reason to have a pool cover is to offer you an additional layer of safety and security. It means that it can prevent pets and kids from falling into your pool if it is durable enough.

Benefits Of Winterizing Your Pool

Taking care of your pool, regardless if you have in-ground or above-ground pools, means you will have to pay much for it. To maximize this investment, you need to maintain it properly, and one vital step is to winterize your pool.

Winterizing is covering your pool using an adequate pool cover as this can prevent algae from developing and leaves from building up inside.

Factors To Consider When Getting Your Cover

Pool covers can come in different varieties depending on your personal needs and your pool types. For most in-ground type pool, you need to consider the following key factors to know if this will be the right one for you:

  1. Functionality is the first one that you should be on the lookout for. Decide whether you need it or not. It can be to prevent leaves from falling into your pool. One other possible reason is to keep your pets and kids out of your pool. If these are your reasons, then it is maybe right to cover your pool.

  2. Climate will also play a significant factor as some covers are ideal for places with harsh weather conditions. Some pool covers are only applicable to nice weather in the neighborhood.

  3. Warranty is a big thing, so you should always invest in some brands that offer at least five years of warranty.

  4. Always match your pool with the right pool cover in terms of size and shape before buying one.

  5. Also, you need to consider your budget as there are varieties and differ in the price range.

Reasons Why You Need A Pool Cover

While pool covers come along with many benefits, there are undoubtedly many positive reasons why you should get one for your inground pools.

For this reason, many pool owners are considering buying one today, and you may not want to be left behind. It is especially when you learn that the following are its purpose:

For safety

Many swimming pool covers are designed to serve as a safety barrier for small people or animals. They are usually made out of sturdy mesh, and each has one of its own weight limits, height limits, and some even have heavier covers.

These are mesh installed with a roller of some type to set them up manually or mechanically.

To Save Energy

Pool covers are the most effective way of reducing pool heating costs because about 70% of energy is lost through evaporation.

Having pool covers can minimize evaporation, and it also keeps heat in the pool and serves to keep your water warm even after you turn off the heater.

To Reduce Chemical Use

You might have heard about chlorine as this is the most common pool chemical you use in your swimming pools. The only problem with chlorine is that it deteriorates under UV rays, but having pool covers will help so much in different ways.

For instance, It will help protect the water from the sun when the pool is not even in use. This will cut down the amount of chlorine you will need to add every week.

To Keep It Clean

It might be the apparent reason, but keeping your pool cover will keep out unwanted debris in your pool. Many pool owners may not think about it as they skim leaves and bugs out of the pool every morning.

But there might be some other things that you won’t see floating around your pool. It might be lurking in the bottom and sides of the pool surface like some algae spores and dirt. Keeping a cover will cut back on these unhealthy pool outsiders and less scrubbing and vacuum for you.

Best Pool Covers For Inground Pool Type

Now that you might have a brief understanding of why pool cover is essential, there are also different types that you should know.

It includes solar covers, security covers, standard winter covers, and some automatic covers. Here are some of the best pool covers worth checking:

Sun2Solar 1200 Series Rectangle Solar Pool Cover

Do not go round and round looking for the perfect solar pool cover for your inground pool, as you can check this one proportioned-made cover.

Sun2Solar Rectangle 1200 Series Solar Cover is one of the things you should get to protect your pool. It has a 12-mil plastic construction solar pool cover that makes it an excellent choice if you are planning to retain the heat and avoid evaporation.

While on the other side of this pool cover, the surface of the covers will then absorb UV energy. You can expect this pool cover to have a size range of 4′ x 8′ to 30′ x 50′, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

But if it is not a perfect fit, all sizes include an extra 2 to 4 inches of material so that you can cut it to fit in your pool type.

People are raging about this product because it can nicely cover a rectangular pool, and it is excellent in holding heat and preventing evaporation.

But what really makes it unique from its competitors is that the dimensions are true to size, and it is much easier to roll up correctly. Instead of having to bother rolling and folding an irregularly shaped cover, you should give this one a try.

Intex Solar Cover for 12-Foot Diameter Pools

If you are looking for some great pool covers but do not want to spend a lot of money due to budget restrictions, you should try Intex Round Solar Cover.

As the name suggests, this only favors a round pool shape, and this cover only measures 11.5 feet in diameter. The only downside of this is that it can only last a season, but many people don’t mind getting them for the budget price.

This one-budget pool cover has some draining holes that can keep water from accumulating on top of the cover. Aside from that, it claims that it can reduce your pool water evaporation up to 95%, which means that it might not be as bad as it looks.

Despite being the best fit for some 12-foot round pools, many people use several of these around bigger pools. This means that they do not have to wrestle with one large pool cover.

A few of these lightweight covers make it much easier for a person to cover and uncover the pool alone. Plenty of other people are happy about this low-budget pool cover because it has heat retention and has no problem picking up another one for less than $25 when the time comes.

Midwest Canvas Ultra 16 Mil Solar Blanket

If the swimming pool you have at home is oval-shaped, you need a specific shaped solar cover to keep your pool water warm and clean.

The Midwest Canvas is the answer to your problem as it is just the right fit for your pools that can range up to 21′ x 41′ in size.

This solar pool cover is heavy-duty and has a 16-mil polymer thickness. It is also considered unique in that it features diamond heat retention pockets instead of just having round bubbles.

This diamond pattern fits more solar heat pockets into the same surface area, and as a result, it can increase the heat retention for your pool.

This cover can also be trimmed to fit your pool’s specifications, and it includes space for features like stairs. Just keep in mind that the 16-mil thickness provides extra insulation, but it can be a little harder to fold up. You might need to have an extra set of hands to help place or remove this pool cover.

Solar Sun Rings Solar Spa Cover

Having solar pool discs is claiming to offer an easier way to reduce all kinds of evaporation. It also increases your pool water temperature, and this spa cover from Solar Sung Rings might be a bit pricey

. But, it offers a more accessible option for covering your small pool in your backyard area. This cover is known to have an inflated ring with a UV-resistant center that can absorb all UV rays and heats the water underneath.

The floating solar ring also reduces evaporation, but they do not cover the same surface area as a conventional pool cover. But, this is still an attractive option as a solar cover for your small pool.

Many people find this solar ring easier to set up and take for one person than a full-size solar cover. It is a better choice for a small pool since it can be adjusted to 3 different sizes for a more straightforward setup.

15-Foot Sun2Solar Blue Round Solar Cover, 1600 Series

Another Sun2Solar pool cover that made it on this list is the 1600 Series, and if you are looking for some heavy-duty solar pool covers, then this one’s for you.

This Sun2Solar Blue 15-foot solar cover is worth the splurge and available for both round and rectangular pools that come in blue or clear color options.

This cover is made from a 16-mil polymer that offers increased heat retention and durability. Many pool owners that use this can also mean that they are considerably heavier than pool covers made from gauge polymer.

However, many people find that the extra effort is worthwhile for saving in wheat and water.

The good thing about the clear solar cover is that it also lets the sun’s UV rays reach more profound water depths. It might be a plus for larger pools that tend to stay more relaxed as more profound as you go.

Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

There are safety pool covers, and they are sometimes called security covers, and these are what most pool owners use. It is because they are designed to prevent any drowning in the event a child or pet wanders into your pool when no one is around.

They are known to be strongly constructed and usually have some anchor system around the pool’s edges. This will ensure that your pool covers stay in place and hold more weight than other pool covers.

Security covers come in two types, and they can be mesh and solid. For mesh covers, it is excellent in keeping out the leaves and other debris around your pool.

It can withstand heavy rainfall and does not require a pump to remove the rain since the rainwater falls through. It can easily hold down even heavy snowfall.

Solid covers can keep out all of the debris, rain, and snow so that pool water will remain clear. It can also keep out UV rays which can then result in cutting down on evaporation.

But its only disadvantage for solid covers is that it collects moisture, so you might need to clean it manually with a pool brush or pool cover pump.

Rectangular Leaf Net Pool Covers By Blue Wave

This is another pool cover from Blue wave that specializes in preventing debris, but you need to consider a net.

Standard winter covers are mostly known as tarp covers, and these are the most basic types of pool covers. They are responsible for trapping debris, and it is made out of polyethylene material.

This Blue Wave rectangular leaf net pool cover effectively blocks UV rays to help fight any evaporation. It is also good at keeping out leaves and other forms of debris in your swimming pool.

This brand’s only downside is that it needs to be held down with water bags, and it can only hold very little weight.

Winter Pool Cover By Robelle For In-Ground Swimming Pools

If you have an ingrown pool, you might need to check out the Robelle Super Winter pool cover. This cover features a 5 ft overlap which can provide you enough material to cover your entire swimming pool.

It also comes in blue color, while the underside comes in a black color to thwart all the algae out. This is specifically made from polyethylene material, so you can expect it to be light. Aside from that, its scrim adds to its strength and durability.


Overall, if you are looking for the best, you should check the Sun2Solar brand as it offers you different sizes depending on the size and shape of your pool.

They have a 12-mil plastic construction that makes them excellent in heat retention and preventing evaporation. Also, check the other listed brands on this list as you might find they more appealing than the recommended ones.

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