Can You Put Too Much Salt In A Pool?

Adding salt to your pool is one way of maintaining your pool and has become famous in recent years. Pure salt is regular salt and is specially prepared for pool use because it works well with salt chlorine generators. Some theories say you can use the everyday table salt, but it is likely won’t meet the criteria needed.

Can you put too much salt in a pool? Too much salt in a pool won’t interfere with your chlorine generating system as to what others think. Instead, it can and will result in salty-tasting water.

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As you read on, this article will help you understand the effect of too much salt in a pool. Plus, we will give you tips on what to do when you add too much salt and when it’s the perfect time to add it.

How Much Salt A Pool Needed?

The amount of salt in a pool will depend on the initial salt level of the water. Generally speaking, you will only need to establish a 4000ppm. But if your pool is new and is freshly filled, then the salt level will most likely be zero. And in this case, you need to add 50lbs of salt per 2,000 gallons of water to reach the 4000ppm.

Pools that are already in use have preceded the use of the chlorine tablets and should have a certain salt level. That’s why you need to have your pool’s water tested first and then add in the required amount to reach the 4000ppm.

If the salt level increases, the only solution to lower it is to dilute the pool water. Diluting means you need to drain some of the pool’s water and then refill it with fresh water.

How Regularly To Add A Salt?

If you’re a first-time pool owner, you need to know how much you need to add salt to the pool. Remember that if you add salt into the pool for the first time, add only if necessary. But if you think that the salt will lose through evaporation, it isn’t effective. Instead, it increases the concentration.

The water that you usually add to help bring the water levels to be normal will instead it helps to increase the salt concentration back to 4000ppm. There are also chlorine generators that have salt indicators with digital ones that even show the salt level. Like how much salt that you still need to reach the 4000ppm.

Importance Of Adding A Pool Salt

One common mistake of a first-time pool owner is that they think pool salt isn’t essential, but it is. Here are some reasons:

1. With the use of the right pool salt, it’ll help salt chlorine generators work efficiently.

2. It helps maintain the right chlorine levels. Therefore, it helps clean the pool.

3. If you use low-quality pool salt, it may cause stains, scaling, or cloudy water because of the minerals or organic contaminants it has.


Overall, too much salt into the water pool won’t affect the chlorine generating system. But if you don’t know how much salt you should add, you can buy chlorine generators with a salt indicator. This article also helps you realize that the salt used in the pool’s water isn’t just normal table salt. Because if you do, this will results in cloudy water, stains, and scaling.

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