Can You Drain Pool Water Into The Street?

Swimming pools need to change the water too more often, especially when it is not pleasing to look anymore. Changing means draining the pool’s water, and it is not as easy as you think because of some reasons and regulations. These reasons and regulations depend on what city you live in.

Can you drain pool water into the street? Draining your pool’s water into the street is not possible because you’re violating some local codes. Draining your pool properly would have to go through a sewer system with proper procedures.

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As you read on, you’ll learn that draining the pool’s water into the street is not good. Especially when people think that you are only wasting the water, wherein you can use it for some things.

Draining Pool’s Water Into The Street Is Illegal

Yes, draining the pool’s water straight to the street is illegal, especially if you live in a municipality that it’s strictly prohibited. Some municipalities believe the pool’s water may harm animals and plants.

The biggest concern also is if not discharge properly, it can cause harm to fishes and other related environmental things. You can’t also drain the pool’s water into the septic tank, and draining it into the sewer system is better.

Some countries consider draining your pool’s water into the street, as is water wasting. Pool’s water, when drained into the streets, may directly go to streams and straight to the oceans or lakes—causing a lot of fishes to die because it contains the highest levels of pH.

Officials and experts believed that those who have swimming pools have their sewer system.

It may not be visible to you but mostly has it. You can find it usually under the ground and is close to your home.

If you can’t find it there, you can also find it outside the kitchen or a bathroom. Some may also find it hidden by their landscaping, which makes the owner harder to find it.

Proper Draining Of Pool’s Water

Here are some tips that can help you drain the pool’s water properly. And without harming any essential things.

 1. Turn off the filtration system of the pool and the water valve.

 2. Find the sewer system that’s connected to its sewer line. Make sure that the port has a rubber cap that fits the wrench. The right size should be at three to four inches in diameter.

3. Run a hose coming from the sewer system and connect it to the pump. Make sure the pump is lower, and into the deepest part of the pool. While draining runs, make sure that it doesn’t go to your shower or house’s sink. But when this happens, call for a plumber for immediate help.

4. Make sure that the gallons discharge per minute is at a rate of 12, or it’s better if it’s lesser.

5. When you’re through with draining, put back the cover immediately and turn the water valves on.

6. When the water is finally drained, refill it immediately to avoid having direct contact with the sun. Having it exposed to the sun results in damaging your pool’s plaster.

It takes lots of time to fill the pool with water, so better make sure to check it regularly. You can add chemicals as much as needed and make sure it reaches the proper chemical level.


In general, draining your pool’s water directly to the streets is not legal and can cause many harms to the environment. It is better if you practice proper draining using the sewer system to make sure it won’t harm anything.

If you’re not sure wherever your sewer system is, you can call a plumber to help you find it. You can also seek their help if you’re doing the proper way of draining. Remember that it’s better to accept you don’t know to do it than to make them believe you can.

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