Best 4 Swimming Pool Covers In Terms Of Materials

Pool Cover Material

To maintain a safe and clean swimming pool, you need to cover them to reduce the cleaning time by removing dirt and debris.

Also, people cover their pools to conserve water and reduce heating costs, so many people invest in a good pool cover that will do the job.

Most pool owners are still reluctant on which material to use when dealing with pool covers as there are plenty available in the market.

What is the best pool cover material? Vinyl is considered to be the strongest and durable plastic material used in many pool covers. It is because this material is resistant to any moisture and humidity. It doesn’t cost much to produce, and it is considered to have a longer lifespan.

Most of this article will tackle the materials commonly used in producing pool covers and how it is usually made. You can find below some pool covers worth checking because they are made from high-quality materials that you will get the benefits from.

Materials Used To Manufacture Pool Covers

The materials used in making your pool cover will determine whether or not it will accomplish all of the benefits a pool cover has to offer. A lot of pool covers are mostly made out of UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl.

  1. Polyethylene is among the most produced plastics worldwide, and it is used in many different products that you come across on a day-to-day basis. It can be from pipes, garbage bags, children’s toys, and fuel tanks in most cards.

    Many manufacturers, including pool covers, also use it because it has the combined strength and lightweight strength. Not to mention that this particular material is flexible, has good insulation, and is resistant to mold and corrosive materials.

  2. The second one is polypropylene, and it basically has the same characteristics as polyethylene, but it is slightly less durable.

  3. Vinyl is considered to be the strongest and durable plastic material out of the three. This is because it is resistant to moisture and humidity and is often used in developing pool covers. Vinyl does not cost much to produce, and it is considered to have longevity.

How Pool Covers Are Made

If you ever wondered how pool covers are made, the truth is that most pool covers’ bases are made of polyethylene or polypropylene sheets. They are all cut in thin ribbons and woven into a sturdy fabric.

Once they are laminated, these laminated layers will then be applied to both sides of the fabric to increase the strength and thickness.

Lastly, the chemical layers or protective films like UV stabilizers and fungal inhibitors will then be applied to the material to improve its durability and increase longevity.

The quality variables to consider in the manufacture of a solid pool cover will depend on different matters. The difference between one that will last for ten years versus the one with a 20-year lifespan include:

  1. The type of materials that the pool cover is made of.
  2. The weight and thickness of the plastic fibers are woven together to create a sturdy bade of the pool cover.
  3. The number of laminated protective layers present.
  4. The seams and sticking of a particular pool cover’s edges where local manufacturers will step in. Many companies provide a high-quality machine weld that can make sure your pool cover seams are prepared to make it last longer.

Best Swimming Pool Covers In Terms Of Materials

Pool covers have their own functions, and it ranges from protecting your pool in the winter to keeping your children and pets safe around the water.

There are many types of pool water to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Not to mention that the materials they use will play a role in whether their durability and stability will be up to the standards.

Blue Wave Round Pool Winter Cover

This Blue wave product has a 19-foot circumference and is made from polyethylene scrim and coating. You can expect to lack underside to inhibit algae growth and comes with a 3-year warranty, which is a great deal.

This Blue wave Bronze Round Winter Cover is the best for anyone who has an above-ground pool type. It is the ideal solution for those looking for an affordable and effective solution in protecting their pool all winter.

This cover is simple in design, but it still selects high-end features usually found in a more expensive cover. It can cover at least 15-foot round pools, but it has a 19-foot circumference that can help provide additional coverage.

With a 4-foot overlap, less stress is being placed over the cover, allowing a longer life.

Bot the skrim and waterproof coating are made from rugged and durable polyethylene with some heat-sealed seams. This pool cover can stand up even in the worst winter conditions in your area.

It is also treated with a UV protector to prevent fading or premature wear from the sun beating the cover.

Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover

This Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover has a 16 by 32 pool size and has 2 to 4 inches overlap on each side. It is made out of resin constructions and available in blue and clear color, the best part is that it has an 8-year warranty.

It is probably one of the best providers of solar pool cover and one of the most rated ones by many pool owners.

Solar covers are an ingenious way of keeping your pool warm and inviting all summer, and these covers are pretty practical.

This is considering that the heater can be pretty expensive to install in your pool, so thankfully, the solar covers are your answer.

It can cover your 16×32 foot pool, and you can expect to have a few inches overlap on either side. Also, you can trim the cover to fit in your custom-shaped pools as well, and it makes seemingly endless configurations.

Once this solar is installed, the cover will take the UV rays from the sun and transfer the heat into the pool. The cover will allow the pool to retain its temperature and helps slow the evaporation as much as 85%. Aside from that, it is made from a durable and flexible resin material that is considered to last long.

Happybuy Pool Safety Cover

Happybuy pool safety cover is for 16×30 foot pools, and it is made out of polypropylene construction. You can expect this to come with some mounting hardware, and it is one of the most durable pool covers on this list.

Many in-ground pool owners have not been satisfied with lighter-duty covers, and it does not usually last longer than the manufacturer claims.

But Happybuy pool safety cover is different as it is made from the heavy-duty cover built for years of enjoyment.

Not to mention that from all of the pool covers here, you can enjoy this one as it is still more affordable than most covers of this quality. It is because this is made from rugged and thick polypropylene, which can provide you reliability.

This material is so porous that rain and precipitation can make it through the cover instead of pooling on top of it. It is heavy and protective enough to allow children and pets to walk across without any risk of danger.

Buying this pool cover, you can rest assured that it includes installation tools with the tension springs and bolts included to be attached to your pool securely.

Robelle 352040R Super Winter Pool Cover

The Robelle Super Winter Pool cover is suitable for 20×40 foot inground pools, and it has a 5-foot overlap. It is made from polyethylene construction, and the manufacturer actually gives you a 10-year warranty.

This winter pool cover can assure you that your pool will be protected during mild winters as it is among the most reputable names in the industry. Robelle covers are a wise choice for anyone who is looking for the utmost reliability and protection.

The Super cover is made from polyethylene, weighing in at 2.4 ounces per yard squared. The best thing about it is that its manufacturer offers their customers a 10-year warranty, so you have peace of mind when your cover fails.

The top of this cover is a vibrant blue in color, while the underside is a dark black in color to inhibit algae growth. You can expect less pressure when installing it as there are water bag loops every 4 feet to keep the cover secured.


Overall, pool covers are made from different materials that can be sturdy enough to protect and clean your swimming pool. It is essential to know all these brands that offer different usage, so you know what you are getting.

It can help you decide which one to purchase in your next visit to your local pool supplies store.

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