Are Walmart Pool Chemicals Any Good?

As pool owners, there are plenty of things to manage and implement when it comes to chemical management of your swimming pool. In terms of finding the perfect chemicals, it is imperative to get the right pool tools and chemicals.

Are Walmart pool chemicals any good? There is nothing wrong with Walmart’s chemicals. You only need to avoid their combo-shock product as it has fillers just like the expensive pool store product. Walmart offers plain Dichlor or stabilizer, which is pretty good quality.

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If you are looking for the best place to buy pool chemicals for a better pool maintenance, here is a short read for you. I will tackle some of the places that offer high-quality pool chemicals that you may visit one time.

Online Shop At

Amazon becomes popular as it gives convenience to the consumer because you can get pretty much anything. Amazon has a lot of array of pool supplies that you can find online. You name it. They pretty much have of.

One of the best things about buying pool chemicals in Amazon is the ability to use their subscribe feature. When you subscribe to a specific product in Amazon, you can set up a recurring order at your choosing interval. For instance, if you know you need chlorine tablets each month, you can set a subscription, and your chlorine will arrive each month on the day you choose.

Specialty Pool Chemical Sites

If you do not want to go through Amazon as some sellers and products can be quite suspicious. You can always opt for other top sites that offer pool solutions.

One good thing about pool chemical sites is that they offer a wide variety of pool supplies from chemicals to floating lounges on some of these sites. They have been proven to be around for a long time, and some sites carry proprietary products. Some staff even offers recommendation and suggestion on how to deal with pool chemicals.

Walmart Big Box Store

Big box stores like Walmart carry a lot of products. Walmart offers a comprehensive section dedicated to pool equipment and pool chemicals. These stores are a lifesaver because they are pretty much available, almost 24/7, and have fair prices. You can also try to show Walmart online for pool supplies.

The only problem with Walmart is that some workers have limited knowledge to answer pool-related questions. Some physical stores only have specific supplies, and products can be purchased into smaller quantities rather than bulk.


Overall, there are plenty of places to choose from when looking for pool chemicals. It is only a matter of finding the perfect location suitable for your area. There are many shops available, especially if you live in warmer weather. Pool chemicals are a vital part of pool maintenance if you want to make sure you have a clean, fresh, and clear waters.

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