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Pools Enclosures

If you lived in Florida for quite some time, the chances are you are wondering about some pool where it is enclosed. These pool screens are one massive investment for many homeowners for many reasons.

While it might not be standard for all, many homeowners believe that screens can provide many benefits that can keep your pool clean and easy to maintain.

Why do pools in Florida have enclosures? Screen enclosures are a pretty common thing you see in Florida every day. It is a pool safety requirement, and they can also provide you with enough barriers to bugs and the harsh UV rays from the sun.

Learn more about pool enclosures below, what it does, and the advantages and disadvantages of having this in your backyard. It might help you to decide if you need one for your swimming pool or not.

Pool Enclosures: What To Consider?

Whether you are planning to get a bit of privacy, protection from the harmful rays of the sun, or just enough barrier to get rid of insects, a pool enclosure can do this.

Having a pool enclosure or conservatory can help provide a more luxurious swimming environment like no other.

From the summer heat in California, the rainy season in Florida, to the coldest winter in Colorado, having an enclosure will allow you to make your pool comfortable and have a good landscape at the same time.

With the proper help from a skilled architect and builder, you can also include an elegant architectural accent at home.

If you are ready to alter your outdoor pool into a relaxing indoor pool room, you need to consider having pool enclosures. Here are among the things that you need to consider first before getting one:

While it might be enticing to know all the possible pros of a screen-enclosed pool, other factors need to be considered.

  1. The first thing that you should be looking into is the landscape and deck configuration. You need to figure out how large the pool area and the deck will be, and then you can discuss how much of that will be enclosed with your builder.

  2. The next thing that you need to consider is the location of your pool enclosure. The location in question can be either a wide-open area or a lot of leaf shedding trees around it.

  3. Personal preference is also one thing that you should tell your builders as many people are open to different designs and landscapes.

    Some even prefer to have it open, tropical paradise as seen in infinity-edge pool. Simultaneously, some other people prefer to have more dense foliage surrounding the deck and the swim area.

  4. Last but not least is the overall construction cost, as it can be pretty expensive depending on your design preference.

    Cost can vary depending on the contractor, size, and design perspective. It can be between $6 to $15 per square foot when it comes to the materials. The average fair cost can reach up to $8000 up to $10k to get a decent size enclosure.

    There are also both on-sight fabricating construction or prefabricated construction, so you choose which one works for you.

Benefits Of Enclosing Your Swimming Pool

Having your swimming pool enclosed has its perks, and you might be surprised that it is not for just one sole purpose. Being a homeowner, perhaps you’ve been considering whether or not to try enclosing your pool.

After all, this has been getting a lot of popularity all over the state of Florida. Either way, having this kind of setup in your swimming pool can give you long-term and cost-saving benefits.

By enclosing your very own pool, you can continue to have fun on days even if the weather is less desirable than you would have hoped for. Here are some benefits of having your swimming pool enclosed:

1. Convenience

Depending on the type of screen you implemented in your swimming pool area, it can be taken down and reassembled.

With this kind of feature, having a screen for your pool can be convenient. Aside from that, it will not distract you or get into your way. It could also mean that the pool screen can be easily more and stored if you needed them to be.

2. Bug Repellent Without Harsh Chemicals

It is a known fact that many Florida homeowners invest in many screens for their pools to keep all the bugs away. The netting works perfectly that even the tiniest insect-like mosquitoes won’t be able to disturb you in your pool experience.

Although, you need to consider the material of this one, as it can be thin. As a result, you will still be able to feel the sun, breeze, or any outdoor element.

3. Safety Features

Some screens have an entry handle that is difficult for many children to reach. As a result, this can ensure that it helps protect your kids and it keeps them safe.

If you have an outdoor pool and you happen to install a pool enclosure, you are assured that it will protect your kids, your pets, and even wildlife.

For many Florida homeowners, knowing that their children are safe from falling into the pool is one of the significant reasons to invest in this pool accessory.

4. Keep Out Debris

Like nets work to keep out the bugs, they can also keep unwanted debris in the nearby area. For many homeowners who live near a wooded area, there is a massive presence of fallen leaves and dirt in the water.

Having an enclosed pool will keep this off your pool, and you will be surprised by how much it can accumulate in the water without proper screen protection.

5. Different Styles

A lot of people are still hesitant when buying enclosures for their pool. It is because they are on the fence about what to buy. Some have concerns with the aesthetic value of their pool like it will diminish its purpose.

What’s good about this product is that there are pool screens that come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and different textures that can fit seamlessly in any of your backyard landscapes.

Advantages Of A Florida Pool Enclosure

To know more about pool enclosure, you need to read along as it discussed the pros and cons of installing your very own pool enclosure.

The great news is that there are not many cons when you install a pool enclosure. It got overwhelmed with a lot of positive reviews from many homeowners.

Having a pool enclosure in Florida is probably the best thing you can do to keep your pool in great shape.

1. Sunlight Protection

Florida is known to be the Sunshine State of the United States of America, and in this state, you’ll never run out of sunny days.

While many people do love the sun, it is better if you try to keep your direct sun exposure to a minimum level for the sake of your skin health.

Many screened pool enclosures are made with a filter. It can filter the sun and help you and your loved ones enjoy your swimming pool without worrying about harmful UV rays.

It also helps the water to remain cool, and that’s a big plus if you have hot Florida days.

2. Easier Maintenance

Many homeowners in Florida say that cleaning is a breeze if you have your pool enclosure installed in your backyard. It is a fact as your pool will be much cleaner overall because the enclosure keeps out extra debris.

So, together with your family, you can enjoy a clean pool, and there is a limited maintenance schedule.

3.   Security

One of the best features of many screened enclosures is that it provides you security both from dirt and even unwanted visitors. It can be in the form of insects, dust, even snakes, birds, and alligators.

Florida is known to be a haven spot for many bugs, but the enclosure can keep the myriad of insects you usually coexist with off your pool and deck.

It will save you more time not having to clean them out of your pool or the need to use bug spray.

If you happen to have an open backyard, the enclosure will also act as your personal barrier from keeping wandering individuals out.

Sometimes it can also reduce the cause of accidents so you won’t have to worry about your surroundings.

4. Extension Of Your Home

Having a pool enclosure means that you can make your home feel more spacious due to the capacity of creating another living space. It means that you can have an outdoor kitchen, a bar, a dining area, and even a relaxation area.

It’s very easy to expand your living space during the winter months by allowing all of your doors and windows to open without the bugs getting in.

5. Increased Relaxation And Enjoyment

As many homeowners are installing pool enclosures, people find it necessary now if you want to enjoy your pool entirely.

The mosquitos and other insects worsen during the summer months, and without adequately screened enclosures, the enjoyment factor can quickly go way down.

Also, having an enclosure allows you to swim anytime, all year round, even if it’s raining.

6. Designed To Withstand Strong Winds

As you all know, Florida is known to be a hurricane-prone state, but you don’t have to worry as pool enclosures can stand even this weather disturbance.

It is designed to withstand strong winds that can reach up to 130 miles per hour to get damaged easily.

7. Inhibition Of Algae Growth  

While the green water can be inviting, a pool filled with algae is definitely not. But the good news is that a screened enclosure can help in slowing algae growth.

8. Energy Cost Reduction

The most expensive facet when it comes to pool maintenance is that the cost of heating water is too high. Yet an enclosure can help keep the water from becoming too hot and even too cold as most pool enclosures are customizable depending on your pool type, shape, yard size, and needs.

All of the available enclosures are constructed from high-quality, extruded aluminum framing and an excellent fine mesh fiberglass screening.

It can also be available in white or bronze finish framing, and you can specify a flat, hip, roof, or dome style roofline. Just choose a retractable roof enclosure, and you will enjoy some blue skies and fresh air.

Disadvantages Of A Screen Enclosure

As mentioned above, there are not many disadvantages in screened enclosures, but there are still some disadvantages that you will face in your day-to-day life.

Here are some of the examples that you might encounter when installing screen enclosure:

Torn Damaged Screens

Screens do get damaged, and they need to be replaced from time to time, and most enclosure peaks are directly above the pool.

It means that the screen panels that are above the pool can be challenging to replace. As a result, you require scaffolding over your pool.

Mold and Mildew

Many enclosures will develop any mildew over time, and this needs to be pressure washed sometimes as frequently as twice per year.

Still A Cage

Although the advantage of having a closure is to have a sense of privacy and personal space, it can also affect being in a cage. It is why many people call it a pool cage, and it does not sound about right.


To summarize, having pool enclosures in Florida is at this point a must if you want to avoid the extreme heat of the sun, the insects and other wildlife intervention, and finally, privacy.

The great news about pool enclosure is that it totally weighs on the positive side. It only means you get what you paid for. Contact your local pool manufacturer and ask if they can give you some rundown on how to install your very own pool enclosures.

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