A Travertine Pool Deck Is Not Slippery Because Of These Reasons

Travertine Pool Deck

If you want a pool or already have one, look for a suitable material for the deck. An excellent choice is the travertine pool deck because it offers a lot of practicalities.

It is a wise move when exerting creativity in selecting the suitable material to use. The pool is a dominant place for relaxation and splendid occasions with your family.

Is the travertine pool deck slippery? No, since the travertine pool deck is famous for not being slippery. The travertine pool deck features upsides like an anti-slip surface, weather-resistant, durable, and many more.

As you go on with the article, you will discover the upsides and downsides of installing a travertine pool deck. You will also learn the different anti-slip products for travertine pool deck.

Upsides Of Installing Travertine Pool Deck

Your pool at home can be an ideal way of loosening up. However, pools include accountability since slippery pool decks may cause dangerous incidents.

There are a lot of upsides when installing your pool with travertine stone. Here is a list that will work with your pool deck.

Anti-Slip Surface

Among the main difficulties in swimming pool surfaces is to prevent anyone from slipping or falling. The exterior surface of your pool is sure to get wet.

However, travertine’s nature is absorbent. The absorption manages the water to remain in the pool. The travertine pool deck is also an excellent choice in a region with enormous rain as it prevents flooding.

Weather Resistant

A travertine pool deck is the titan of typical stone tiles. They can tolerate harsh weather conditions. During summer, they work as heat-resistant since the materials can withstand the scorching sunshine. In the winter season, they can endure the freeze and defrost period.

In the event it’s very hot or freezing, travertine pool decks won’t break.


Travertine tiles are highly durable and can resist weight without breaking or splitting. The course of time will outlast the whole pool.

Great Aesthetic Appeal

Travertine tiles feature a lasting appeal, especially when installed as a pool deck. The stone offers a natural marbling that makes it extraordinary and can also serve as a decoration.


Far from other building materials, travertine tiles are a hundred percent natural. It features an anti-slip surface that you can install without remodeling it. You can also enhance its features by adding sealers if you prefer.

A Bunch Of Colors And Designs

Travertine offers several variations when it comes to colors and designs. You can also find an array of finish types to make your pool deck more striking and stylish in look.


Travertine is one of the most versatile house-building materials that you can find. It can perform well with various surfaces like countertops or backsplashes. It can also be installed in the bathroom, flooring, and stone tile applications.


Travertine is an affordable means to create a natural and fabulous look for your pool deck at home. It is a sound investment compared to other natural stone options.

The downside Of Installing Travertine Pool Deck

Just like any other building material, travertine also has its downside. Here are a few of the usual downsides about the travertine pool deck.

Reactive With Certain Substances

Travertine is a natural stone that has calcium carbonate, and it is reactive to certain substances.

Travertine from your pool deck can start to tear down when unprotected from an acidic substance. It would help if you refrained from using cleaners containing citric acid or vinegar.

You should keep special cleaners to reduce possible damage to travertine tiles.


Travertine is made up of natural materials, but it can be cumbersome. They are highly heavier compared to the usual type of tiles, just like porcelain or ceramic.

They are also heavier than hardwood. Because of its heaviness, the installation of a travertine can be tricky.

It Is Porous In Nature

Travertine is attractive, durable, and lasting. However, since it is porous in nature, it can be slippery.

High-Maintenance Problems

Travertine tiles need typical sustenance and care in terms of maintenance than other pool deck options. Regular cleaning is considered the solution to keep your pool deck in a well-balanced condition.

Typical wiping is the elimination of dirt. It is recommended that travertine should be resealed every year to keep them clean and spotless.

Neutral Colors Are Only Available

Travertine is a kind of limestone, and we are aware that limestone is usually white. Unfortunately, travertine is not available in bright or stylish colors.

In reality, the colors are limited to tans, cream, beige and white. You can’t find other colors unless you invest in any marble, slate, or granite.

Lack Of Consistency

Travertine stone lacks consistency in terms of colors, marbling, and appearance. The bulk order of travertine tiles may not look exactly like the sample tile.

We can’t expect that each tile has the same changes. The colors and designs can’t be totally identical.

You should be careful when organizing the tiles if you prefer perfect and similar tiles.

Different Anti-Slip Products for Travertine Pool Deck

Over the past years, travertine pool decks have become popular with homeowners. It is long-lasting and magnificent in style.

But travertine’s surface is glossy, and anybody can skid and fall. Slipping incidents can be a dangerous threat, and as an owner, it is your accountability to stop it.

If you own a travertine pool deck, protecting the surface is your top priority.

Non-Slip Sealer

The non-slip sealer or non-slip coating is perfect for handling slippery travertine pool decks. These are permanent non-slip coating made to strengthen grip, and it provides a clean and semi-glossy finish.

It is highly resistant and will not transform the tiles into yellowish colors.

It is heat resistant so that it won’t deteriorate. It is also applicable to all kinds of natural stone surfaces where non-slip sealers are recommended.

This experimental treatment can be applied with a clean towel, ultra-fine fiber towel, and paint or roller brush. Once it is used, it increases the grip and improves the resistance to stains and spills.

Non-Slip Paint

The non-slip paint serves numerous purposes: slip-resistant, simple to clean, and allow you to select a color. There are cases that you need to paint the wet surface to enhance the resistance. I

t would help if you financed on specially designed non-slip paint to surpass the ravages of time.

Non-Slip Tile Treatment

The non-slip tile treatment will enormously prolong resistance and enhance the safety of slippery tiles even when wet. This treatment has passed the recommended guidelines for safety, barefoot, and shoe conditions.

It is an easy-to-apply solution that comes with a sprayer, ultra-fine fiber mop, and applicator.

Non-Slip Tape

When repairing sleek and slippery surfaces, you want resilient non-slip products that you can entrust. Some slippery surfaces like pool deck or ramp require a good grip using sticky non-slip tape.

It comes in various standard non-slip tape, which you can use on an array of surfaces. The non-slip tape is ideal for a pool deck, stairs, ladders, and ramps.

The non-slip tape typically comes in different tones and styles that include clear and white, black and yellow. The tape comes in grit rolls, wear-resistant rolls, pre-cut treads, square tapes, and hard-wearing treads with an added sticky backing.

Non-Slip Floor Coating

These are water-based and solvent-based coatings that meet good grip. They can be used for materials that need a secure foothold.

It can be defiant with degeneration, grating, and several chemicals. These non-slip coatings are ideal for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Additionally, these coatings are resilient and lasting for interior and exterior applications.

Non-Slip Step Cover And Walkway Panels

This product is durable that provides safety on step covers and walkway panels. These are appropriate products for interior and exterior surfaces made of travertine, concrete, and etcetera.

It can be installed during winter or on wet surfaces where the coating can be impossible. The step cover and walkway panels are fast and straightforward resources for slippery areas that can’t be coated.

Custom-Made Non-Slip Tape

The custom-made non-slip tape is ideal for construction, recreational, healthcare facilities, residential, and so on. They come in die-cut, laser cutting, slitting, and etcetera.

Non-Slip Epoxy Paint

Non-slip epoxy paint is a non-slip painting specially designed to offer ultraviolet resistance, extremely durable, and shoeless friendly underlayers.

It is simple to sustain and perfect for decks, ramps, stairs, laundry rooms, and pools where non-slip security is needed. It could be used to fasten leaks on floors or cement. It can also stop salt and erosion on surfaces.


Your pool area is a small refuge at your home, and because of this, you want it to be artistic. The travertine pool deck has been popular in the past years because of its elegant look.

But travertine’s surface is glossy, and anybody can slip or fall. As the owner, protecting the surface is the utmost priority.

Choosing a travertine for your pool deck needs to consider its qualities as well as its downside. But with this kind of limestone, you can protect your loved ones from slipping with the ideal anti-slip products.

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