11 Reasons Why Floridians Screen In Their Pools

Floridians Screening Pools

A pool screen enclosure is beneficial for a variety of reasons. For instance, it can limit UV rays from the sun by up to 45 percent, allowing you to enjoy swimming. While a screen pool enclosure is optional in most states, it is a must in others.

Why do Floridians screen in their pools? If you are new to Florida and want to have a swimming pool, you should consider installing a screen. Thousands of bug species call Florida home, and the screen protects you from them. In addition, a screen keeps blown trash off your pool patio.

As you can see, screening in a swimming pool in Florida is a must to be safe and avoid high maintenance costs. Here are more reasons to build screen pool enclosures and tips for installing one for your swimming pool.

Reasons Why

Screened-in pool owners in Florida love sitting out by their pools without having to deal with mosquitoes. However, there are a few more benefits to having a screened-in swimming pool that you may not have considered.

Here are the surprising benefits of screened pool enclosures:

Protection From Harmful Sunlight

Sunshine never runs out in Florida, commonly known as the Sunshine State. Though we all adore the sun, it is best to limit your direct sun exposure. Please do so for the sake of healthy skin.

Screened pool enclosures block the sun. It lets you and your family enjoy your pool without the risk of skin harm from UV rays. It also helps to keep the pool water cold. A significant benefit on sweltering Florida days!

Better Security

The main feature of a screened enclosure is that it protects you from both dirt and undesirable visitors. The pool enclosure keeps the plethora of insects we survive with off your pool and deck.

Installing a screen pool enclosure will save you time because you no longer need to clean them out of your pool. Plus, you do not have to worry about insect spray while you are swimming.

If you have an open garden, a screen will also work in your favor. The fence can also serve as a deterrent for wandering persons, reducing the likelihood of accidents. You enjoy having specific items in your pool.

Designed To Survive High Winds

Florida is prone to hurricanes. However, pool enclosures should be able to resist severe gusts of up to 130 miles per hour.

Less Unwanted Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are an unavoidable aspect of pool upkeep, but that does not mean that you should be okay being exposed to them. However, by building an enclosure, you will be able to keep your pool cleaner and safer for longer.

Inhibits The Growth Of Algae Growth

While green water is appealing, a pool brimming with algae is anything but appealing! Thankfully, a screened cage can significantly slow the spread of algae.

Easier Maintenance

Cleaning a pool enclosure, according to the majority of people, is a snap. Because excess debris is kept out of your pool, it will be a lot cleaner overall. There is never much to clean out because only you and your family can get in.

Extension Of Your Home

A pool can create additional living space adjacent to the swimming pool. A pool enclosure can make your home appear larger than it is.

Many pool owners appreciate being able to open their doors to the pool area all year long. With a screened pool, they can use this area since it is an extension of their house.

Increased Relaxation And Enjoyment

You may want to enjoy your pool and use the space to entertain friends during the summer months in Florida. So, you will need a pool enclosure.

In the hot summer months in Florida, the mosquitos and Ceratopogonidae, also known as no see-ums, are at their worst.

Without a screened enclosure, the enjoyment factor plummets. Furthermore, having a pool enclosure allows you to swim at any time of year, even when it is raining.

Less Water Evaporation

The water evaporation can substantially drop the level of your pool during the hottest months of the year. At the same time, water constraints may make it impossible to refill it. Fortunately, an enclosure can help to slow down the process.

Reduced Energy Costs

The cost of heating the water is one of the most expensive aspects of pool maintenance. A pool enclosure will help protect the water from being excessively hot or cold.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Having a swimming pool boosts the value of your home, but it also raises the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

Pool screen enclosures improve the safety of your backyard. It allows you to secure your pool to prevent minors from entering without adult supervision.

Adults are also less likely to fall into the pool since the enclosure makes it evident that the swimming pool exists. If you have a screened pool enclosure, insurance providers will give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Screen Types For Pool Enclosure

Fiberglass Screens

These are made from glass yarn and will not corrode, rust, or stain. This material rips easily than other options and takes more attention during installation. However, it is also less expensive than metal, making it a popular choice.

Aluminum Screens

Aluminum screens are a popular choice. They are lightweight, cost-effective, and simple to work within construction. Aluminum is strong and corrosion-resistant despite its lightweight, making it a good choice for almost any application.

Bronze Screens

Bronze mesh screens are tougher than aluminum mesh screens, although they can still be bent with reasonable ease. Bronze is also resistant to salt spray, making it an excellent choice.

Many people like bronze screens because of their appealing hue, which resembles that of a new penny. While the color will fade over time, you can still renew the bright sheen by removing oil accumulation from the surface.

Things You Should And Should Not Do When Installing A Screen Pool Enclosure

Things You Should Do

Choose Contractors With Experience and License

Choose contractors who are confident in the quality of the materials they use. These people will stand behind their work and the finished product.

Avoid other pool screen enclosure providers that offer a subpar screen product. They will look appealing for a few years, but they will not endure the elements in Florida. After a few years, it will force you to replace the pool enclosure.

Establish A Budget

Many factors determine the cost of constructing a pool screen enclosure. Determine how much money you have to pay upfront. Also, consider the additional value you will obtain from your pool by enclosing it.

A reputable pool enclosure provider will be able to present you with a variety of options. They will work with you to build something that meets your demands and fits within your budget.

Research Your Design Options

Not all screens have the same standards and provide the same level of wind and weather protection. Choosing a sort of enclosure is essentially a matter of taste. Of course, you want a pool enclosure that matches the architectural design of your home.

Pool screen enclosures are available in a variety of styles. Examine the various screen enclosures styles available for your pool.

Things You Should Not Do

Hire A Contractor Without License

Using a contractor without a license and experience is another design blunder you should avoid. You want a contractor who has designed several pool enclosures and will utilize their knowledge to build your pool enclosure.

An experienced contractor is more likely to assist you in creating a design that you will enjoy for many years.

Disregard The Enclosure’s Purpose

Another major blunder is designing an enclosure without contemplating why you wanted it in the first place. You’ll be sorry you had your pool enclosure installed if you can’t use it for the purpose you intended.

You’ll want to double-check that your final design concept provides you with the safety and functionality you desire.

Use Only Expense As A Factor

Among the common mistakes, people make when deciding on a pool screen enclosure is focusing solely on price. When it comes to outdoor constructions, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is often correct.

Sure, choosing the lowest bid for your pool enclosure may save you money in the short term. But, it might wind up leading to costly repairs in the long run. You may need to have it serviced or replaced much sooner than you would otherwise.

Some contractors are dishonest regarding the claims made on their enclosures. Always be suspicious when they offer you significantly lower prices than others.

Choose Wrong Materials For Construction

Another major stumbling block is selecting the wrong construction materials. You can prevent this problem if you choose an experienced company to assist you with the design and installation.

Rather than selecting for lesser equivalents, you should choose high-quality materials that will last.

Failure To Obtain A Warranty

The last issue that may arise is the lack of a warranty or guarantee of any kind. Even high-quality materials and constructions might malfunction.

A warranty can provide you with peace of mind both now and in the future. You should be aware of the warranty’s terms, including what it covers and does not cover. You should know how long the coverage will continue.


Pool enclosures provide homeowners with additional leisure not only in Florida but around the world. They also serve as a safety and security feature, keeping unwelcome guests, especially insects, out of the pool.

If you’re going to install a pool in Florida, you need to factor in the expense of a pool enclosure. It will serve as a second line of defense for you, your family, and your property.

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