10 Best Pool Backwash Hoses | The Need For A Backwash Hose During Maintenance

Backwash Hose

When it comes to pool maintenance, you can expect that a pool filter plays a vital role in removing all the contaminants from going back to the pool.

Because of this, you need to have a build-up of materials inside that needs to be cleaned. Manually doing it requires a lot of effort as it is simpler to backwash our filter, and to do that, you need a reliable pool backwash hose.

What is the best backwash hose for a pool? The best backwash hose for your pool is the gorilla swimming pool backwash hose. It is one of the most reviewed and popular hoses because it has the excellent durability, size, and performance that you can expect for a great product.

This article will introduce you to the wide variety of backwash hoses and their characteristics. From the cheaper ones to the most expensive ones, you can expect that there are brands that offer you the best backwash hose there is.

The Need For A Backwash Hose During Maintenance

If you are a homeowner who utilizes their pool a lot, especially during the summer season, you can expect that it accumulates a lot of debris and dirt. After a very long continuous use, your pool filter will become clogged or dirty.

As a result, your pool filter will function poorly, and to solve this. It would help if you used a backwash hose.

The backwashing procedure plays a crucial role in keeping your pool filter clean, which not only makes it look crystal clear, it also helps you save more time for pool maintenance.

Backwashing is the process of cleaning the cartridge filters, sand filters, or your DE filter energetically.

It is done by reversing the water flow, and it will flush all the dirt, oil, and debris trapped in the filter. After performing this procedure, you can expect to enhance the filter performance and clean your swimming pool in general.

Best Pool Backwash Hoses

Backwash hoses are known to be designed to transport wastewater from the outlet of your pump to the spot you can drain it.

To do its job efficiently, you need to use the best backwash hose for your type of pool. It needs to be long enough and made from heavy-duty materials to withstand the water discharge flow.

To help you find the perfect one that suits your needs, here are some of the top backwash hoses in the market today that got the most reviews based on their performance. If you are curious about what makes them great on their own, you can check the guide below:

Gorilla Swimming Pool Backwash Hose With Clamp

You probably heard about the Gorilla brand that offers the best overall backwash hose, and you are right. This is probably top of the line regarding its durability, efficiency, and the materials used are up to its standards.

The Gorilla Swimming Pool Backwash Hose has a clamp, and it is made from a reinforced PVC. It means that the end-product is a super tough material, and it is five times tougher than the standard blue ones.

It can withstand severe weather, so you can basically use it anytime you want. It features a 2-inch filter outlet known to be a perfect fit and the standard size of a regular filter outlet.

Although, many professionals recommend that you measure your own filter before buying one. This is to make sure that it fits perfectly with yours and another feature of this product is that it has a stainless steel clamp.

Aqua Select Pool Backwash Hose

The hose from Aqua Select Pool Backwash is made from high-quality material and has a hose clamp for a secure fit. You can use the clamp to be able to tighten up the hose with your pool pump.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about setting it up as it can be installed pretty easily. It is known to be a perfect fit for both in-ground pool and above-ground pool, so you can rest assured that this fits perfectly in your type of pool.

Aqua Select offers a backwash hose that is made from tough, heavy-duty vinyl and UV-protected material.

These materials are durable and can withstand sunlight, rain, and other forces of nature. Their market value offers you more savings for not buying the new one over and over again.

Ensure that you get the hose that is the correct length for the backwash water to be run in your drainage system for eco-friendly purposes.

In addition to that, the hose is very easy to use and straightforward with a flat design. You can also easily roll it up to store for your subsequent usage. 

Poolmaster Pool Backwash Hose

Poolmaster Pool Backwash Hose is also another hose that offers you heavy-duty vinyl material. This product is durable and flexible and resistant to many chemicals and other severe weather.

As a result, you can expect to use this hose for quite some time, and it will never wear and tear. In addition, this backwash hose comes with stainless steel, which makes your setting easier and more convenient.

The great thing about this Poolmaster hose is that you can quickly tighten it up with the filter to ensure that it does not go in the wrong places.

In addition to that, you can backwash your pool on your own because it is flat-designed. It means that you can roll it up easily for storage and then unroll it for the next cleaning session.

Milliard Pool Backwash Hose

If you’re a person who is looking for some affordable hose but still offers an excellent quality hose, then you need to get a Millard Pool Backwash Hose.

This hose is 50 ft and made from a heavy-duty vinyl material known to be long-lasting and durable. It can resist chemicals and heavy weather, plus this model comes with a 2-inch diameter.

This means that it perfectly fits many standard type filter outlets, and although it features a 50-ft length, it can still be used in many swimming pools, especially residential ones.

Another thing is that it has an adjustable steel clamp that makes your time setting easier and can prevent leaks.

Blue Devil Backwash Hose 25 ft for Pool

If you are looking for some length that is not 50ft but just half of it, you can choose the Blue Devil 25ft, Backwash Hose. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for some length but not the over lengthy ones.

Although the material is known to be strong, it is also flexible and can be attached to the fitting. This will be inserted into the pool filter backwash port.

In addition to that, it comes with a clamp for security and making sure there are no leaks.

Maxx Flex Pool Backwash Hose

Maxx Flex is the best backwash hose for high-pressure applications because it is made with high-quality materials.

The hose is actually reinforced with some spiral piles and longitudinal synthetic cords. As a result, this material makes it one of the best backwash hoses to handle and resist high pressure.

Maxx Flex backwash hose is also made from a UB protectant, which can protect your hose from all the damage or abrasions due to the prolonged exposure to the sun.

Aside from that, it can also be against outdoor conditions. You can also roll it up easily for storage because of the flat-rolling design, and with this design, you can expect it to be lightweight.

Olagoya 1.5″ Pool Backwash Hose

Like many of the backwash hoses on this list, the Olagoya backwash hose is durable and strong PVC material. In addition, it is reinforced with internal polyester yarn that can withstand high water pressure during the backwashing process.

This host is known for its large water output capacity, and it can resist high water pressure. In addition to that, the material is formulated with UV-protected materials, and this hose can resist some severe weather and outdoor conditions. It is why it is an ideal choice for transferring water to handle daily backwash.

Blue Torrent Commercial Pool Backwash Hose

Blue Torrent is like any hose, but it has a fixed diameter of 1.5 inches, and it is an excellent fit for many smaller pump outlets.

Others love this hose because it is made from a commercial-grade PVC with some web reinforcements and UV inhibitors. As a result, it can provide some impressive durability, and the discharge performance is on a higher level.

This hose is 50-feet long, so you can expect it to reach from the pump to the disposal site, and when you are done with the job, you can easily roll it over.

This is because the Blue Torrent backwash hose has a flat-lay design that makes it extremely easy to roll up without taking too much of your storage.

Aquatix Pro Pool Backwash Hose

Aquatix is made from a premium extruded vinyl construction, and its hose can withstand a heavier load of water pressure. It is 50 feet long, and 1.5 inches wide that comes with a steel clamp to secure it properly to the outer pipe.

It is highly resistant to chlorinated water that passes through and harmful UV rays in terms of durability. Since it is made with a flat-lay design, you won’t have trouble rolling it and properly storing it away.

Swimline HydroTools Filter Pool Backwash Hose

The Swimline brand is a versatile backwash hose that can fit in almost all types of filters, and this is why it is perfect for any job you have. It is well-made and has excellent resistance against UV radiation and chlorinated water exposure.

It is 50-feet long and has a 1.5-inch diameter, and while it does not have a clamp with it, it is pretty easy to use, and you can secure and adjust it properly.

Buying Guide In Choosing A Backwash Hose

If you are at this point, you might have a little background on what you need in your swimming pool. In terms of backwash hoses, there are plenty of brands to choose from.

But in buying one, you need to consider different things. Here are some of the criteria for determining the most effective backwash hose:

Size (Diameter And Length)

In terms of size, the diameter and length is the most important thing you should look into when finding the proper hose. It is because it is crucial to find the right size for its performance.

In addition, it should be compatible with your backwash outlet on the pump. To make the hose fit better and prevent leaks, some models can also have some clamps to tighten the hose over the pipe.

Hose Material

To withstand the pressure of the water, all backwash hoes should be made from high-quality materials. The materials are primarily solid PVC and fairly UV and chemical resistant.

In addition to that, you need to pay attention to the material thickness and heavier and thicker. These can resist damage much better, and to improve the overall strength, some models use polyester fibers as their wall reinforcement.


Most of the backwash hoses on this list have a high degree of flexibility, and this gives you the freedom to choose which one you want for your pool.

In addition, you can place the hose how you wish without even causing kinks or damage to the hose. Not only does this makes it easier to use, but it can also add a layer of extra flexibility that makes it more durable.

Durability And Strength

Since your backwash hose will be dealing with a lot of pressure and a large flow of water, these hoses need to be very durable.

Both durability and strength are directly related to the materials and the construction, and this was an essential factor when choosing the proper backwash hose. Having a well-made hose will last you for long years and resist exposure to the sun and chemicals.

Weight And Storage

Because the backwash hose is mainly made from PVC and it can be lengthy and thick, it can be a problem if it becomes too heavy. Still, this should not be a deciding factor when you buy a backwash hose.

A heavier hose means it can be high quality most of the time, which can be a priority when buying one. When talking about storage, it is best to look for some model that comes with a lay-flat design. It allows you to roll easily and tightly when you plan to store it.

Warranty Period

While most of the hoses have a durable finish, it is always good to have a warranty just in case something goes wrong during your usage.

This gives confidence and shows you that the company believes in the way the hose is made correctly. There are plenty of high-quality hoses that come with a year to two full of coverage so that you can grab those.

Hose Maintenance

The great thing about backwash hose is that they are durable and they only need little maintenance. In addition, they are almost self-cleaning in a way as clean water will pass through and discharge once it has done its job.

But you still need to make sure to clear it from any dirt or debris before storing it.

Time To Backwash Your Pool

The time to backwash is when you have a pool that is full of contaminants, or the filter is clogged. This is the time to clean it, and you can use water test kits to check the level of contamination.

If the output returns high, you have to use the filter to kill all of these contaminants.

The downside is that if you use the filter too much, the performance will be decreased, and the solution is to use a backwash hose so that the filter’s function can be restored.

It is recommended to use this backwash hose once a month, depending on your filter’s condition.


Overall, there are many backwash hoses to choose from, and it will heavily rely on you as a customer to meticulously check which one you need.

Aside from that, it would be best if you considered the following factors when buying it for your swimming pool. The best pool backwash will always depend on the demand, budget, and priority.

Gorilla backwash hose is the best overall, so you can get the value of money from this brand, and you will have a fluid backwashing process.

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